In order to remarry, he chose to borrow money for

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Let's tell a story. Mr. Fang is about to remarry. At the age of 40, he finally ushered in another important moment in his life. Once he had a happy family, but an accident took the life of his beloved wife. For this reason, he was in great pain. After five years, he finally came out of grief and realized that he had a good wife before he was relieved. Introduced by the enthusiastic aunt of the neighborhood committee, I met a virtuous Sister Li

Sister Li is very reasonable and doesn't ask for any conditions, but Mr. Fang is sorry. Because he has been depressed in recent years, he has been very successful in his work. He has always been depressed and has very little savings in his hand. He plans to redecorate his new home and give Sister Li a new environment. At the same time, he also hopes to get a better environment and get out of the grief of his ex-wife. Lao Fang, who had no deposits, decided to apply for a personal loan of 30000 yuan for a period of two years

after the investigation of Laos, it is learned that Laos currently works in a university as an associate professor, with a stable career and good income. It has a very good repayment ability. Moreover, Lao Fang also has a good credit record. The main salary in the past was used to help poor students, so he has never had any savings. Moreover, Lao Fang also has a three bedroom and one living room house divided by the school, which is worth nearly one million yuan. After the approval of the lending website (, the business was approved and personal loans were successfully obtained

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