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On June 24, E-road travel? 2016 sieneman home media exchange meeting was held romantically

on June 24, e-way travel? The 2016 sieneman home media exchange meeting was held romantically on the Pearl River night cruise ship. With good wine, delicious food and beautiful scenery, like the current weather in Guangzhou, sieneman people are as enthusiastic as fire, bringing a beautiful and unforgettable weekend night to media friends in the home industry in such an emotional way

there is no need to "contract the fish pond". As long as you contract the whole cruise ship, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River. The schneiman home cruise ship is waiting to set sail

the Pearl River is particularly beautiful under the sunset, and the romantic night is about to open.

before the party starts, the red envelope rain comes very violently, and everyone bows down and grabs it with great joy

at the exchange meeting, Mr. xinfumin, chairman of sieneman home, conveyed strong industry confidence. He pointed out that at present, whole house customization is the "online celebrity" of the home building materials industry, and it is a hot spot among the hot spots. As a participant in this "online celebrity", sieneman home has continued to grow at a high speed for several years. The strategy of big home and big e-commerce has made sieneman achieve a leap forward development in e-commerce channels, The sales volume contributed by e-commerce channels has reached more than one quarter. At present, the priority of the development of Schneider Mann home is to continuously expand production capacity to meet the demand of the front-end market

Mr. Huang Weiguo, vice president and general manager of the wardrobe Business Department of sieneman home, revealed in his speech that in the past "6.18", sieneman home again achieved good results on tmall home decoration platform, and after the "double 11" last year, sieneman home ranked sixth. This achievement is very eye-catching, giving sieneman people more confidence and motivation

Schneider Mann doors and windows, a strong expansion project of Schneider Mann's big home strategy, has made a leap forward development in the past year, which has attracted the attention of peers. Mr. Li Zhenghai, general manager of Schneider Mann doors and windows business department, pointed out that this is due to Schneider Mann's development accumulation in the past 13 years, the efforts of the big home strategy and team, and the support of the majority of media friends

Mr. Zeng Yong, Secretary General of Guangdong customized home furnishing Association, delivered a speech, congratulating sieneman on its good performance of more than 70% growth rate in the past few years, and wishing him better results in the future

the Secretary General of Guangdong door industry association summarized the development characteristics of Schneider Mann home with three keywords of "growth against the trend", "customized home" and "brand". In the case of the general environment is not optimistic, Schneider Mann home bucked the trend and grew rapidly, especially the newly expanded door and window projects, which are very strong, catching up with and surpassing many traditional door enterprises; Schneiman's road of big home and big e-commerce is getting wider and wider

2016 sieneman home media exchange night, sharing a pleasant time

beautiful reporters show their voices on the spot, singing sweetly, and open the happy "ladder climbing" mode of the exchange meeting

with such a wonderful singing, the big guys can't help taking photos

raise their glasses, open the mode of wine and cuisine

rich self-service cuisine

wine and beauty, beautiful scenery, and beautiful reporters at the exchange site

on the "ladder", schneiman's wine list: Prada, Bohemia, starlight, Athena, have a look at their provocative appearance

not inferior to wine, and the picturesque night scene of the Pearl River, everyone turned into a photographer

enjoying the beautiful scenery, tasting the good wine, listening to the wonderful cello performance, and then grabbing rounds of red envelopes, this experience is wonderful and exciting

accompanied by friends, the 2016 media exchange conference of schneiman home was full of energy, and successfully ended in the Pearl River night tour mode of handsome boy + beauty + wine + beauty + red packet rain + cello performance




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