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Mr. Ye of Wuchang just finished the decoration, but his face was unhappy. He roast said, "the decoration of the neighbor's house is similar to that of my house, which is half a package, but the decoration cost of my house is more than 18000 higher than that of their house." it can be seen that the water of the decoration is too deep, and the decoration is everywhere. So what are the decoration greasy things in Wuhan that are most easily ignored by the owners

be careful when the project manager or construction team takes the owner to buy building materials

many owners will choose half a package of decoration, and think it's more reassuring to buy main materials. During the decoration process, the project manager or construction team will volunteer to introduce preferential building materials stores to the owner. Because the price is really cheaper, the owner will gladly accept it, but many owners suffer from this, according to insiders, Many project managers or construction teams have a cooperative relationship with the building materials store, that is, they can get a certain commission by bringing the owner to the store for consumption. In order to get more commission, the project manager or construction team will encourage the owner to buy more materials. For example, only 6 barrels of paint is enough, and the project manager will tell you that 8 barrels are needed. In this way, the owner has to spend more money by buying more barrels of paint and tiles

exaggerate the decoration area and squeeze profits

anyone who has carried out home decoration should be familiar with the decoration area. For example, for a 120 square meter house, your budget decoration area is 100 square meters, but the actual decoration area can really be as you want? Mr. Feng said that there will be a gap of about 8% to 10% between the general budget area and the actual decoration area, and the cost of the gap will of course be paid by the owner. In addition, misrepresentation and exaggeration of decoration area through measurement are also another means to squeeze profits. Recommended reading: Wuhan Decoration trap know in advance that decoration does not waste money.

the difference between the quotation and the actual cost is as high as 50%

the designer of a decoration company in Wuhan revealed that the profit space of the decoration company is mainly reflected in several aspects of the budget: first, various shapes, such as background, porch and decorative surface; 2、 Hydropower foundation engineering; 3、 Latex paint area; 4、 Modeling of ceiling part; 5、 Auxiliary materials for bricklaying works, etc. Among them, ceiling and emulsion paint are the two parts with the highest profit and operability. For example, according to the current average price of the home decoration market, the quotation per square meter is about 30 yuan to 40 yuan, but the actual profits are mostly unknown. Mr. Wang revealed that the actual quotation for decoration was only 15 to 20 yuan, and the greasy profit was as high as 50%. In addition, the greasy profits in modeling, water and electricity can reach 8% to 15%. Mr. Wang said frankly that the current market is not easy to answer this question because the grade gap of various home decoration products is too large

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