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After the beginning of the new year, the decoration industry in Wuhan gradually entered the peak season. What makes most citizens headache is that the workers can't bear to shout! Recently, Wuhan home decoration network learned that due to the overall decline in the number of decoration workers, the labor costs of demolition workers, water electricians, carpenters, masons and other types of work in the decoration industry have generally increased. The "schedule" of many mature decorators is from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It is common to encounter a decorator "rushing" between several employers. The rise in labor costs makes it difficult for both owners and decoration companies. For example, the original 100 square meter house can be decorated with 50000 or 60000 yuan, but now the decoration using the same materials and achieving the same effect will cost nearly 5000 yuan more. "The price of building materials, especially labor costs, has risen, and the price of decoration must also rise. It is the so-called wool comes from sheep, otherwise most decoration companies can't do it." The person in charge of a decoration company told reporters

among the employees in the decoration industry nationwide, migrant workers account for the majority, and most decoration workers are supported by middle-aged and above people, resulting in a serious aging of the decoration team. Only by constantly teaching skills to young people and improving the overall level of the working group as soon as possible to meet the market demand can we effectively solve the problem

but it is worth noting that affected by the traditional concept of employment and the increase in employment opportunities, many people gave up the relatively tired and dirty decoration industry and switched to other jobs, which led to the rise in home decoration costs. Although decoration companies raise prices, it is difficult to recruit skilled workers in decoration. In addition, after reading the quotation of the decoration company, some consumers simply find "guerrilla" workers and buy materials for decoration to save money. In fact, in the general environment of rising labor costs, even the quotation of "guerrillas" is not far from the former, which has strengthened the decoration workers' awareness of "raising prices". Therefore, it is also a top priority to urge workers to establish a correct outlook on job selection. According to the survey, people who are currently engaged in such jobs as construction technicians do not have high academic qualifications. For many unemployed young people, they would rather choose careers such as restaurant waiter, housekeeping, security guard, salesperson, etc. than engage in the construction industry

home decoration cost saving strategy

strategy 1: choosing a regular decoration company has guaranteed quality after-sales.

on the surface, the decoration "guerrillas" seem to save much more money than regular decoration companies, but the actual situation is that the probability of decoration problems is relatively high, and the "guerrillas" often rework in the construction process due to the uneven construction quality, resulting in the dual waste of materials and labor. Regular decoration companies have rich experience in construction and guaranteed workmanship. Therefore, choosing a regular decoration company will save money on the whole, although the price is a little higher

strategy 2: reasonable design is the premise of saving money

careful planning and reasonable design are the primary channels to save money. When you get the new house key, how to arrange it begins. What are the key points of decoration and how to arrange it? You should have a rough outline in your mind first, and then make full use of the designer's professional knowledge and sense of space to design through communication with professional designers. Complete, unified and reasonable design can minimize waste; If there is no design or only simple design, it is difficult to save money by making changes while doing it

strategy 3: control the total amount of decoration and spend money on the blade

in fact, choosing a suitable decoration scheme is the core. Whether designers or decoration companies, out of the instinct of making profits, they will list some necessary and unnecessary items in the initial quotation. At this time, consumers should polish their eyes and delete those unnecessary items. On the quotation, consumers must ask the decoration company to list the brands of the main materials purchased on behalf of them, and then consult with a knowledgeable person or investigate in the market in person to find out whether these main materials are genuine

strategy 4: the proper use of materials can double the "money" with half the effort

the key to saving money in decoration is not to place too much emphasis on decoration. Money should be spent on hardware in the home, such as the main wall of the living room, sanitary ware, wires, etc., because these hardware always reflect the grade of the home and are necessary supplies in daily life

spend money on decoration to achieve value for money

to achieve value for money, worry free, labor-saving and cost-effective home decoration projects, insiders of decoration network believe that home decoration consumers can be divided into four steps:

the first step is to budget their own funds and plan how much money to invest in decoration, so as to know well

step 2: choose your decoration agent (home decoration company) and put forward home decoration solutions for you within the scope of decoration funds you control, or divided into high, medium and low grades

the third step is to investigate the market and verify whether the home decoration scheme is scientific and feasible (cost accounting is the yardstick of home decoration quotation). The fourth step is to sign a home decoration contract and grasp the "four passes"




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