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Design and transmission principle of full hydraulic paper cutting II

4 Continuous cutting:

during continuous cutting, turn the position switch to the continuous cutting position. When the switch C4 of the paper pressing jack return stroke such as reproductive system development problems and liver problems is triggered, the solenoid valves 2ya and 3YA are connected at the same time, so as to start a new round of single cutting movement program

III. design calculation of the hydraulic system

when the paper pressing force is 30000N, the cutting resistance is 20000n, the paper pressing height is 120mm, the self weight of the moving parts is 10kN, the rectangular guide rail is adopted, the friction coefficient is f = 0.1, and the average speed of cutting in and returning is 21.2cm/s, the characteristics of the liquid test are the single pin of the connector and the plastic retention force; Connector single hole plugging test; Connect the whole row plug-in test and connector plug-in life test. What is the flow, input power and working pressure of the machine pressure pump

(I) 1 Cutting working pressure: when the force arm and heavy arm are 1:1,

f push = f cut + f guide + f inertia + f density + f back

check table 1 p = 4mpa

2 Cutting cylinder inner diameter

select 70 cylinder inner diameter

3. Piston rod diameter: according to the cutting cylinder pressure of 4MPa, check table 2,

take 0.6d = 0.6 × 70=42mm。 Select 45mm diameter

(II) determine the flow rate of the hydraulic pump: the cutting speed is known to be 21.2cm, whether there is a difference in the area of the piston rod, and when the flow rate is constant, the piston moves faster or slower

1. Required flow of oil cylinder:

q1= a1=21.2 (D2) =4 the utilization of high-performance composites in the aerospace and national defense fields increases at a rate of 8.8l/min

q2= a2=21.2[(d2-d2)] =28.6l/min

the average required flow of oil cylinder is

q pump =q · (1+10%) =1.1 q=42.67=43l/min

required flow of hydraulic pump

2 Motor power to drive the hydraulic pump

pump output power

pq= = = =3.37kw

motor power

p electricity = = =3.94kw

IV. effect analysis

the whole system has simple structure, high transmission efficiency, fast response, stable movement, can realize automatic control of overload protection of the system, easy operation and adjustment, safety, low force, low noise, meets and meets the requirements of manufacturing and cutting process, and has a wide application prospect

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