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Cele County of Hotan Prefecture signed a smart city PPP project with Dahua shares

on March 2, the signing ceremony of the smart city PPP project of cooperation between Dahua shares and Cele county government of Hotan Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was held in the conference room of Cele county government. The signing of this project is of great significance to improve the governance and service level of Cele county government, strengthen the ability of maintaining stability and comprehensive management, promote the upgrading and development of economy and industry, and realize the leapfrog development of Cele county. It also provides an opportunity for Dahua Co., Ltd. to use excellent talents and advanced technology to promote national infrastructure construction, give full play to the advantages of enterprises, and realize industry serving the country. Xiao kaitiyasheng, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of Cele County, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and executive deputy county 5 Aromatic ketone polymers: including peek, peek, peek Chang Yang Jianchao, vice president of Dahua Co., Ltd., PPP business development 6. All parts of the experimental machine should be cleaned frequently, Su Shenglin, general manager of the Department, and the signing ceremony of the leading seats of the county government office, Public Security Bureau, Education Bureau and other relevant departments

according to the contents of the agreement, the two sides reached a consensus on jointly building four systems, nine system projects (the four systems include information system, government system, economic system and people's livelihood system; the nine system projects include urban operation center, basic database, Cloud Computing Center, safe city, intelligent transportation, intelligent government, intelligent education, intelligent community and intelligent agriculture), and building a security network covering counties and regions, Create a three-dimensional video monitoring, alarm and emergency system to realize multi grid, multi grid, one trigger, multi linkage and full response; Based on the new generation of information technology such as IOT and cloud computing, intelligent analysis of video data and deep collision mining of great value hidden in video data

as the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, Xinjiang is an important link of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. With the construction of the second railway and expressway out of Xinjiang, Cele County in Hotan region, located at the southern foot of the Taklimakan Desert, welcomes an important development opportunity from the bottom of the pocket to the mouth of the pocket. At the same time, Cele county is also the main battlefield to maintain stability in southern Xinjiang. Anti terrorism and stability maintenance are related to social stability and long-term stability in the national border areas. Since 2008, the total GDP of Cele county has increased by more than 10% for eight consecutive years. The annual public financial budget invested by the government has increased steadily, and all aspects of political, economic, cultural and social construction have promoted the government to further expand the production of its optical fiber and cable business to Taiwan factories, speed up the process of information construction, and establish a smart city as soon as possible

Xiao kaitisheng, deputy secretary of Cele county Party committee and head of Cele County, pointed out that the smart city PPP project introduced this time is the first PPP project in Cele County, which is of symbolic significance to the overall goal of consolidating social stability and long-term stability in Cele County; It is hoped that this signing will inject new vitality into Cele's economic development and social stability. Cele county Party committee and government will actively cooperate and vigorously support the construction of new projects to ensure the smooth progress of the project and strive for its early completion

Dahua shares has accumulated rich experience in the operation of PPP projects. This project is another smart city PPP project in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region after Shihezi Ping'an City PPP project. Su Shenglin, vice president of UOB and general manager of PPP business development department, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Cele county government for their recognition and trust in UOB's ability and strength in the field of smart city and safe construction. The signing of Cele smart city PPP project is not only the beginning of the joint cooperation between UOB and Cele government, but also the follow-up cooperation between the two sides will be carried out in a wide range of fields to achieve complementary advantages, information sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results, It will inject new strength into the long-term development of Cele's economy and the city's informatization, which is mainly used for scientific research institutions

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