Celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lingong's e

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On June 4, during the Russian CTT exhibition, the 10th anniversary celebration of Shandong Lingong's entry into the Russian market and the "ten years of gratitude" promotion meeting were held in Moscow. Su Zimeng, vice president of China Construction Machinery Association, Yu Mengsheng, executive president of Shandong Lingong, representatives of Russian major customers More than 200 guests including representatives of cooperative banks, Bank of China and the media attended the event

During the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Shandong Lingong's entry into the Russian market, vice president Su Zimeng congratulated Shandong Lingong on its achievements in the development of the Russian market in the past ten years, in which FH was the upper limit frequency. As a leader in China's construction machinery industry, Shandong Lingong has become a leader in the Russian market with its high-quality elastic modulus, maximum experimental power, 8 reliable products and high-quality complete accessories, I hope Shandong Lingong can achieve better results in the Russian market in the future. In his speech, president Yu Mengsheng reviewed Shandong Lingong's hard work in exploring the Russian market, summarized the gains and losses in the development of the decade, and put forward new expectations for the future development of Shandong Lingong in the Russian market. The Russian market customer representative said in his speech that Shandong Lingong's reliable product quality and high-quality after-sales service are comparable to international first-line brands, which makes him very satisfied. He will continue to be loyal to Shandong Lingong brand

during the event, a large-scale bidding and delivery ceremony for lg944msk was also held. According to Russian tradition, Zhi Kaiyin, chief engineer of Shandong temporary engineering, solemnly handed over the product key placed on the red pillow to the person in charge of Moscow municipal engineering project. Both sides said that more extensive cooperation would be carried out in the future

celebration of the 10th anniversary of Shandong Lingong's entry into the Russian market

this event was held during the CTT exhibition, a famous Russian construction machinery exhibition. It made full use of the resources and popularity of the CTT exhibition, and played a great role in improving the brand popularity of Shandong Lingong in Russia and promoting the sports situation to be mainly used in the terminal sales of the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine

2014 is the tenth anniversary of Shandong Lingong's entry into the Russian market. In this decade, Shandong Lingong loaders have been firmly occupying the first position in the market with far-reaching advantages in terms of sales and share, and the product line has been continuously expanded from loaders to excavators, rollers, excavators and loaders. In the future, Shandong Lingong will provide Russian customers with more diversified product choices, continue to maintain its leading position in the Russian market by using its rich product portfolio, continue to strengthen brand building, and strive to improve its brand influence and popularity in the Russian market

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