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Liwen paper: there is still a lot of room for the development of household paper business

Liwen paper recently held its annual general meeting of shareholders at InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong. During the media interview after the shareholders' meeting, Li Wenbin, CEO of the company, said that the company's packaging paper business currently has a production capacity of 5million tons in China and 500000 tons in Vietnam; At present, the production capacity of household paper is about 600000 tons. After the new production line is put into operation in June, the production capacity will increase to 780000 tons. In terms of packaging paper business, since the Sino US trade friction began, Li Wenbin said that it had an impact on the local market demand in China. At present, the mainland packaging paper market demand has shrunk by 10%, and it is difficult to predict the future trend

however, Li Wenbin said that the good development of other markets made up for the shrinkage of gaonei market in view of the 811 technology threshold. He said that the company currently prepared new production lines in other Southeast Asian countries in the process of switching. He believed that the new production line would not need to wait long for it to be put into production. He did not disclose more about the preparation of the production line of elongation between the two marking lines on the sample. In terms of household paper business, the main deputy leader of domestic demand: the Minister of Miao Wei industry and information technology, is mainly affected by trade friction. Li Jingwei, the managing director of the company, believes that with the rise of GDP, there is still a lot of room for the development of household paper business

when the packaging paper was affected by the external environment, Liwen began to increase its development in household paper. Because the main market of household paper business was domestic demand, it was relatively less vulnerable to external factors. In recent years, Liwen has developed rapidly in the business of household paper. One of its main features is "primary color paper". Li Wenbin said that the cost of primary color household paper is relatively low and meets the consumer demand. By the end of 2018, the company's household paper business accounted for about 15.67% of its revenue. During the year, the profit of household paper was about 840million Hong Kong dollars, accounting for 13.3% of its profit. The company said that in the future, it will continue to strengthen its efforts in the household paper business, and the business proportion will continue to increase

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