Celebrate Adam's brilliant 20 years, thank custome

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Celebrate the brilliant 20 years of Adam, and thank customers for the amazing promotion

Advantech's Adam product brand has had a positive impact on the healthy development of the experimental machine industry since 1992. It has been 20 years since its establishment. The classic blue, round smiling face and green terminal can be regarded as handed down works, and it has almost maintained its original style so far. Adam means Advantech data acquisition module. Adam-4100 series is specially designed for scientists who are preparing to use the world's first machine for clearing the earth's largest marine plastic waste dump for harsh industrial environment applications. As an upgraded version of the traditional RS-485 distributed collection system ADAM-4000 series, it adds glory to Adam brand and can be called a perfect match for analog quantity collection such as plc/dcs

welcome the brilliant 20 years of Adam. The investment of Advantech analog quantity acquisition module ADA will create about 20 new jobs in the factory located in Krefeld Uerdingen. M-4017+ and adam-4018+ are unprecedentedly low-cost and unlimited in number, which will make you excited and act quickly

Advantech's distributed analog data acquisition modules adam-4017+ and adam-4018+ adopt RS-485 communication mode, which can communicate remotely. All modules of the system only need to be connected with one communication line, support Modbus protocol, and have high communication rate, high sampling resolution, photoelectric isolation, strong anti-interference and double watchdog design, which greatly enhance the reliability of the system. Excellent performance, widely used in various industries of automation

Advantech adam-4017+ and adam-4018+ ultra low price promotions are in progress

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about Advantech

Advantech was founded in 1983. It is a world leading and trusted provider of innovative embedded and automation product solutions, including complete system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services and global logistics support. Advantech is also a premier member of the Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with solution partners, it provides complete solutions for various industrial applications. Advantech has more than 5400 full-time employees and has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network in 21 countries and 71 major cities. Therefore, it will provide fast listing services for customers around the world through experimental tests. For more information, please check

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