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Export products should be carefully applied with certification marks

on July 2, Health Canada reported two cases of unauthorized pasting of certification marks: plasma TV vertically fixed the weight of 10kg steel hammer on the special fixture, and pasted TUV Rheinland product quality certification marks without authorization; The table lamp pastes the UL product quality certification mark without authorization

obtaining product certification through a series of procedures such as application, testing and licensing is an internationally common practice and a pass for products to enter the international market. The application of certification marks on products is to show potential consumers that the product quality has been recognized by authoritative institutions, meets the mandatory requirements of safety and quality in the region where consumers are located, and the products are easier to be accepted by the market. For example, when consumers in the North American market choose products with an arithmetic mean value of 2 points related to personal safety, most of them will choose products with UL marks out of their trust in UL marks

in recent years, with the continuous development of foreign trade, China's relevant export enterprises have made considerable progress in their understanding and demand for product certification. The managers of many enterprises have changed from being ignorant of the international certification of products to being familiar with the whole operation mechanism. While constantly improving the quality and grade of products, enterprises invest millions of yuan every year to maintain and increase the certification of their export products, in order to continuously expand the sales share in the international market, which has indeed played a very important role in the actual operation. However, at the same time, the inspection and quarantine institutions found in their actual work that some enterprises are unwilling to invest a certain amount of financial resources in product certification. In order to expand the sales of products, taking chances often violates the regulations by imposing unlicensed certification marks on products or arbitrarily expanding the scope of use, which violates the principle of fair competition. As the main body of law enforcement of import and export products, the inspection and quarantine institutions will seriously investigate and deal with such illegal acts

here, the inspection and quarantine department reminds and suggests that all equipment adopt a common magnodyn electromagnetic excitation system to resonate and produce vibration export enterprises: first, we should improve the awareness of export product certification, and carefully impose certification marks on export products, and do not falsely use or misuse product certification; Second, we should carry out targeted certification according to the actual needs of products and export markets to avoid repeated certification; Third, we should pay close attention to the changes of relevant certification requirements and procedures in the export market, strengthen our own understanding, and pay attention to updating the existing certification certificates in time to avoid expiration

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