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On May 13, 2009, Dr. Eberhard groebel, CEO of the federal baking Federation of Germany, delivered an opening keynote speech on the occasion of the upcoming opening of IBA 2009. As the organizer of iba2009, the federal baking Federation of Germany is preparing an activity for information exchange. The event is mainly aimed at the latest development trends in the industry, such as universal experimental machine baking technology, quality management and market planning, which are professionally produced by our Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. and will be comprehensively displayed to audiences all over the world. Every audience can benefit from it and combine the learned technology with practice to create more value for the company

nowadays, the baking industry is very competitive, and the quality of products is directly related to the qualification of producers, that is, the quality of products is directly proportional to the level of bakers. High level bakers are the premise of high-quality products, and high-quality products are the guarantee of sales. At the iba2009 exhibition, in addition to the IBA cup competition mentioned by Chairman Becker, we will also bring you more interesting industry information. Known as the cradle of bakers and confectioners, the well-known graphene institution, Akademie Deutsches B ckerhandwerk, will provide many basic and advanced training opportunities for people of insight at home and abroad. As a well-known institution providing advanced training opportunities and consulting services in the baking industry, the college has always been at the forefront of the baking industry, especially for operation technology and business management. Peek has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, X-ray transmission good biocompatibility and baking technology. Product development, food law and nutrition are necessary conditions to help producers meet customer needs. Our experts are proficient in business management, sales, marketing and other fields, providing you with the best baking industry management and operation suggestions, and building a good economic structure, which will not only benefit individual units, but also benefit the whole industry

up to now, we receive hundreds of participants every year who come to attend the advanced training seminar held at the National Institute of technology, many of whom are from Asia. For a long time, we have maintained close relations not only with people in the baking industry in China and Taiwan, but also with Japan, South Korea, Thailand and India. Participants from overseas want to learn more knowledge through this training, especially the related processes of German baking products; So as to apply the learned technology to traditional products, so as to increase the competitiveness in the domestic market

due to the increasing overseas demand, thanks to the strong support of the German baking academy, we have established the International Baking Academy (IBA). IBA has the same name as iba2009 exhibition, which is not a coincidence, but an intentional move, because we provide more opportunities for overseas bakers to further their studies. The seminar hosted by the International Baking Academy (IBA) is specially tailored for individual groups. Professional translation experts ensure the accurate transmission of information about German baking products. However, these further education opportunities are not only for social groups, organizations and baking colleges and alliances around the world. For individual units, we have also prepared more individual employee training programs for you. Once the contract is signed, experts from the International Baking Academy (IBA) are expected to give speeches in their respective countries. After successfully completing the training course, the college will issue a certificate to the participants, which is an affirmation of the qualifications of the trainers

on iba2009 zentralverband des Deutschen drive b ckerhandwerks, you can see industry seminars and various interactive activities mentioned above

in addition, as a part of iba2009, we will arrange you to visit the factory or participate in the tour activities organized by the local baking college. By visiting the factory, the audience can not only increase their understanding of the baking industry, but also compare with the factories they operate to learn from each other. While gaining valuable experience, I also have a deeper understanding of technical equipment and product range. We know that in the past few years, the profound and long-term friendship established through in-depth contact has exceeded the interactive relationship of the exhibition itself

we invite you to join iba2009 world bakers' world

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