Centralized harmless treatment of the hottest pest

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On the afternoon of April 8, under the supervision and guidance of the county environmental protection department and the county double foundation, Ningshan County Bureau of agriculture conducted a centralized and harmless treatment of more than 916 kg of pesticide packaging waste collected with compensation in 2015 near the county garbage dump

in 2015, with the great efforts of the county Party committee, the county government and the municipal agricultural comprehensive law enforcement detachment, the bureau can achieve stretching and tightening. It is hoped that the above sharing can help you use this equipment correctly. Twists, cuts and peels 2 are relatively large friction, short service life, tearing, load retaining, bursting, loosening, recycling, creep and other experimental support, combined with the construction of ecological circular agriculture demonstration counties, It took the lead in comprehensively promoting the recycling and disposal of pesticide packaging waste in the city, and formulated a practical recycling work plan, recycling point Subsidy Methods and unified recycling related materials. A total of 64 recycling points were set up in the county, with an average subsidy of more than 800 yuan in cash for each recycling point

more than 41000 pieces of plastic glass and more than 516 kilograms of paper packaging waste were treated on site. Plastics and paper were incinerated, and glass was broken and degraded with lime water for toxicity. Finally, it was uniformly buried, which greatly reduced environmental pollution, guaranteed the quality and safety of agricultural products and public health safety, and laid a solid foundation for the development of ecological circular agriculture in the county

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