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Under the industrial transfer, the central county economy Shaodong Zhizao "hardware"

(picture source: Shaodong county Party Committee Propaganda Department)

economic observation at the moment of the transformation from high-speed development to high-quality development, Su Jing, as the main body of the real economy, is the most urgent for the manufacturing industry. Its proposition of turning from bigger to stronger has extended from the coast to the inland, and from first tier cities to the widest county economy

for many counties, how can we take advantage of coastal innovative resources to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing? How to plan the layout on their own basis? It is the core proposition of regional economic gradient transfer

today, we take Shaodong county in the hinterland of Hunan Province as the observation object to analyze the regional economic changes brought about by this round of industrial transfer. At present, Western and southern Hunan, where Shaodong is located, are demonstration areas for the country to undertake industrial transfer. Coastal industries have accelerated the transfer to the central part, making Shaodong, which has the reputation of a hometown of 100 industries, reflect the internal driving force of economic shift and upgrading

from setting up stalls, opening stores and prospering the city to establishing factories, Shaodong's economy has formed a distinctive professional market system after decades of development, and the development pattern of hardware, lighters, traditional Chinese medicine, leather bags and printing (market 600306,), industrial towns and professional villages has been supported by several major industries

located in the hinterland of the inland, the county once became a small commodity production, manufacturing and sales base comparable to Wenzhou and Yiwu, and a strong force for the development of private economy in Hunan Province

however, when the manufacturing industry in the coastal areas took the lead in realizing the transformation and upgrading by virtue of regional economic and geographical advantages, the manufacturing industry in the interior is still in an embarrassing situation of low product added value, low scientific and technological content and low popularity, and the decline of forced Shaodong to seek transformation

Shaodong has established the goal of the next step of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry: to develop traditional advantageous industries such as lighters, bags and hardware into the forefront of the country, realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional majors, and create a pilot area for the revitalization and development of Hunan Light Industry

for this reason, Shaodong implemented the innovation driven strategy, using science and technology to empower the industry, and driving the transformation of economic growth from extensive growth to intensive growth. At present, Shaodong's lighter and luggage industry has been approved as a national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base

however, Shaodong has a more ambitious plan: cultivate and introduce innovative resources, build Shaodong into a national innovation and entrepreneurship experiment area, and make Shaodong a new highland of Intelligent Manufacturing in the central and western regions. In Shaodong, with the county development zone as the main body, the integrated industrial development pattern of Ecological Industrial Park and songjiatang management location engine has been formed, with both software and hardware to undertake industrial transfer

in 2018, Shaodong achieved a GDP of 43 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 11%. The growth rate of GDP and scale industrial added value ranked first in Hunan Province, and the comprehensive strength of county economy reached fourth in Hunan Province

it is conceivable that hundreds of thousands of Shao merchants at home and abroad have returned in succession, bringing the accumulation of innovative elements such as talent, capital and technology. In addition, with more than 200 logistics lines and 2000 business advantages targeting high-end, green and intelligent overseas sales platforms, Shaodong's manufacturing industry can be expected in the future

upgraded Shaodong manufacturing

Shaodong, located in central Hunan, is named for its location in the east of Shaoyang County. In Shaodong county, an office building with full floor to ceiling windows, which looks like the bow of a boat, is particularly eye-catching

image source: Shaodong county Party Committee Publicity Department

this building is the location of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute. In 2016, Shaodong county Party committee and county government visited the numerical control equipment Collaborative Innovation Institute of Foshan Guanggong University in Guangdong for many times, and finally successfully won the latter's landing. In 2017, under the guidance of Hunan provincial Party committee and provincial government, Shaoyang municipal Party committee and municipal government, Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, built by Shaodong county people's government, opened in Shaodong Xiangshang Industrial Park. Professor Yang Haidong of Guangdong University of technology served as the president of Hunan (Shaodong) Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

liupengfei, vice president of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, introduced that the advantages of the Institute are rich enterprise resources and close cooperation between colleges and universities. When the government formulates macro policies, the Institute is responsible for docking resources and implementation, and it is possible to connect with various departments of the government. He said that Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute is one of the important marketization platforms for Shaodong county government to attract investment

in fact, the more important role here is to realize the transformation and upgrading of 83000 self-employed households and 15000 corporate enterprises in Shaodong

among the industrial pillars of Shaodong, the production and export of lighters rank first in the country, the domestic market share of hardware and schoolbags reaches 70%, and the production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine materials rank first in the country

however, Shaodong has low manufacturing costs and prices, and has long been at the lowest end of the global industrial chain

Zhou Shengqiang, who is engaged in advanced manufacturing in Shenzhen, has a deep feeling about the primitive and backward nature of Shaodong hardware factory. It is scattered, messy, dirty and poor, resulting in poor resource concentration, more repeated investment, high energy consumption and pollution, and vicious price competition without quality. Zhou Shengqiang said

he wants to transform the hardware industry in Shaodong, and see what new ideas will emerge after the front-line scientific research talents sink to small inland counties and integrate advanced technology with traditional industries

this session of Shaodong county government has also been suffering from Shaodong's embarrassing industrial status quo and is eager to change. In an interview with the media, shenzhiding, Secretary of Shaodong county Party committee, summarized the current situation of the industry as follows: the type of industry is not new, the scale is small, the chain is not long, the quality is not high, the brand is not famous, and the competitiveness is not strong

the three parties hit it off immediately. In 2017, Ruike (quotation 300024,) where Zhou Shengqiang is located, and Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute landed in Shaodong together, opening the prelude to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

3C industry automation production line of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

Liu Pengfei summarized the specific practices of the research institute into three points: first, brainwash with the concept of advanced manufacturing, and change the thinking of Shaodong, entrepreneurs, middle-level managers and industrial workers through the form of Zhaoyang intelligent manufacturing lecture hall; The second is to replace people with machines, provide enterprises with automatic equipment, reduce labor costs and ensure the consistency and stability of products; The third is to import the concept of lean management into enterprises, so that enterprises can change from extensive growth to intensive growth

Ruike robot is a technology and service provider. Aiming at the hardware industry, it has developed an intelligent manufacturing line of hardware tools using robot technology and technology development, and cooperated with Dongfang Shenying, a leading enterprise in Shaodong hardware industry, to realize the machine replacement of the latter. The labor cost is reduced to one eighth of the original, and the production efficiency is increased by at least six times. Zhou Shengqiang said

however, for the small and scattered enterprises in Shaodong, the capital is limited, and the willingness of independent transformation is limited. The transformation and upgrading cannot be separated from the macro guidance of the government. The approach of Shaodong county government is to work with technology providers to subsidize individual benchmark enterprises and encourage them to take the lead in transformation

at the same time, in order to change the small, scattered and chaotic situation of Shaodong industry, Shaodong county government, on the one hand, proposed two transformation strategies for enterprise managers, so that individual businesses can be transformed into corporate enterprises and large-scale enterprises, bosses can be transformed into entrepreneurs, and large-scale development of the industry is encouraged; On the other hand, build industrial parks in specific industries, and guide enterprises to develop in a concentrated manner Rn - the ring crush strength test value of tissue paper (n/0.152m)

in 2018, Shaodong county added 86 trading enterprises above the designated size, 32 service enterprises above the designated size, and more than 6000 self-employed enterprises transferred to legal persons

heitianpu Printing Industrial Park, xianchaqiao hardware science and Technology Industrial Park, Lianqiao science and Technology Industrial Park, and zhouguanqiao Tuanshan lighter Industrial Park have completed the planning and entered the accelerated construction stage

with the promotion of transformation and upgrading, more and more enterprises have participated. 100 enterprises including Huanxing lighter, Dongyi electric and Longyuan small and medium-sized enterprise center have completed the automation transformation, attracting 3D printing Hangzhou Xianlin, 3D lighter automation manufacturer Hongde electronics, hardware automation equipment manufacturer Rongcheng machinery and other intelligent manufacturing enterprises to settle in Shaodong and provide equipment and technical support by replacing people with machines. At present, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Shaodong has formed more than 50 sets of technical solutions and applied for nearly 300 national patents

our current goal is to transform traditional large-scale enterprises into scientific and technological enterprises with a certain technical content. Small thin plates called strain gauges are deformed and transmit electrical signals, so that Shaodong's traditional industries can be condensed, improved and promoted by technology. Liu Pengfei introduced

every year, enterprises that have completed technological transformation will be included in the statistical scope of Shaodong high-tech enterprises. In 2018, the number of high-tech enterprises included in the statistics was 320, achieving an added value of 14.2 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the regional GDP, an increase of 4% and 13.4% over the same period in 2017 and 2016, respectively

transfer to the central region

the number of national high-tech enterprises in Shaodong is also increasing year by year, with an increase of 6 in 2016, 13 in 2017 and 14 in 2018. These new national high-tech enterprises are all from the eastern coast

under the background of increasingly fierce competition in the eastern coastal market and the gradual increase of land and human costs, the transfer of plants to the central and western regions has become the common choice of many high-tech enterprises

assisting the government in attracting investment is an important business of Shaodong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute. Liu Pengfei told the economic observer that there are two reasons for high-tech enterprises to move to the central region: first, considering the low cost of land, factories, workers and other land in the mainland and the policy dividends of subsidies, rent free and other policies given by the local government to enterprises; second, considering sinking into the central and western regions and exploring emerging markets

however, whether the central and western regions can be selected by enterprises depends on the matching degree of local resources and industrial base with transferred enterprises

chuangyida came to Shaodong under such a background. This is a downstream enterprise of BOE, headquartered in Shenzhen, which produces LCD modules. At present, the company has achieved mass production in Shaodong Longteng Industrial Park, and another 110 Mu new plant will start construction this year

Shaodong branch is the first time that chuangyida has relocated its plant to the central region. Zhangwenhu, deputy general manager of Hunan chuangyida manufacturing center, told the economic observer that the relocation of the plant was mainly due to cost considerations. The three-year rent free policy provided by Shaodong county government, as well as the local labor costs and utilities, which are much cheaper than those in Shenzhen, have improved the cost advantage of the products and made them more competitive among the same types of products in Shenzhen

this migration is of great significance to chuangyida. In order to cope with market changes, chuangyida plans to produce 32 to 75 inch LCD modules in the new plant, and all the equipment and assembly lines previously produced in small sizes will be replaced. The company expects to achieve a breakthrough in output value from 500million yuan to 2billion yuan in Shaodong branch

also enjoying the preferential rent of government factory buildings, Longge suitcases and bags will be relocated to Shaodong. This enterprise producing PC board railing boxes will bring Guangdong's advanced automatic PC board molding technology and equipment to Shaodong

order based production accounts for 60% or 70% of the company's business, and the products are exported to Malaysia, South Korea, the United States and Japan. In view of this, the company pays more attention to Shaodong trade market

upstream buyers of schoolbags and downstream production chains and trolley cases

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