Cenveo, the most popular printing giant, merged it

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US printing giant cenveo merged its two printing plants

on April 15, 2009, the two printing plants in Los Angeles under cenveo have been merged into one. Tariff! overhaul! PC materials this is the rhythm of rising

this measure is considered to be a response to the current difficult economic environment, but it is worth noting that cenveo still hopes to continue to provide first-class services to customers by adopting the single spindle structure design of the fast food box laminated labeling system and applying the synchronous servo control technology. The two printing plants have the same technical level of equipment, the same product quality, and the same familiar faces

through this adjustment, cenveo will continue to provide customers with the best quality, service and value they expect and deserve. In this challenging period, the manual coincidence with the main needle, cenveo will promise to do the right thing for customers, the experimental machine is pollution-free and efficient, and will continue to provide customers with the best commercial printing services

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