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CEO of langshanda China visited China Rubber Association on October 12, Ke Maoting, President of Greater China of Langsheng chemical (China) Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited China Rubber Industry Association. The two sides had a pleasant exchange on how to develop China's rubber industry in a low-carbon way and the future cooperation

According to Ke Maoting, the rubber business accounts for 50% of LANXESS' business volume, which is very important to LANXESS. 50% of the rubber is used in the tire industry, so LANXESS attaches great importance to the current development trend of low-carbon and environmental protection in the world tire industry. LANXESS noted that if the sales of enterprises are not smooth, the EU will officially implement the tire labeling law next year, which mainly assesses the three indicators of tire rolling resistance, noise and grip, and the United States, Japan, South Korea and Latin America will also start to take action. Therefore, the bill has become a hot spot for tire enterprises. He said that tires are very important to ensure driving safety and play a great role in reducing vehicle noise. What's more, if the volume or windward cross-sectional area of the test piece is increased unrestricted in the experiment, it will affect the fuel saving performance of the vehicle by 20% - 30%. Therefore, high-performance tires are safer, energy-saving and environmental friendly tires, which are in line with China's development policy

Ke Maoting said that LANXESS is one of the most important rubber producers in the world, with a history of more than 100 years of synthetic rubber production, and can provide various grades of synthetic rubber. Langsheng's rubber products can not only reduce the rolling resistance of tires, but also improve the wet grip of tires. They are ideal materials for manufacturing high-performance green tires. In the past, LANXESS has actively participated in the formulation of EU green tire regulations within a specific scope or within the scope of standards. It has business expertise in this field and is willing to use these expertise and experience to help China's tire industry promote the implementation of the labeling law

Ke Maoting believes that China Rubber Association plays an important role in the low-carbon development of China's rubber industry, and LANXESS is willing to actively participate in and promote the low-carbon development of China's rubber industry as an important representative. To this end, on December 2 this year, LANXESS will hold a "green rubber day" event in Beijing to provide a platform for government departments, media and business people to raise people's awareness of the importance of green tires. He hoped that the event would receive strong support from the China Rubber Association

the picture shows Ke Maoting, CEO of langshanda China, presenting a souvenir to fan Rende, President of China Rubber Association.

fan Rende, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said that China's rubber industry is very familiar with Langsheng. Bayer provided synthetic rubber to China more than 40 years ago. Langsheng has also been very active in the Chinese market since its establishment, and has done a lot of other useful work, for which we are grateful. Whether in the past or in the future, LANXESS is very important to the development of China's rubber industry, especially in the future, the development of China's rubber industry should move towards low-carbon, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and adjust the structure. LANXESS will do more

fan Rende pointed out that the Rubber Association attaches great importance to the tire labeling law. In order to make Chinese tire enterprises familiar with the law as soon as possible, the association specially organized enterprises to communicate with the EU last year. In September this year, the EU tire labeling directive response meeting was held in Yantai. In addition, the China Rubber Industry Association also decided that in order to make China's tire industry better respond to EU environmental protection regulations and develop a greener and low-carbon industry, the association will organize experts to formulate self-discipline norms for China's tire industry with reference to the EU labeling law, and I believe it can have more cooperation with Langsheng

fan Rende also said that Langsheng's "green rubber day" is very creative, which is very necessary to publicize the important role of rubber in economic development, and the China Rubber Association supports this activity very much. In addition, he also suggested that LANXESS actively publicize and promote green tires in the activities organized by the association

the picture shows the exchange between China Rubber Association and Langsheng

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