Haier commander 10K kg washing and drying g1012 is

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Using Haier commander 10K kg washing and drying integrated @g1012hb76s evaluation configuration function evaluation

this Haier produced 10kg/kg washing and drying integrated household drum full-automatic washing machine @g1012hb76s is recommended by the evaluation post, which is a new one in May 2019. This washing machine has been planted on the back, and it has been used for a period of time. I feel that Haier commander @g1012hb76s opens the workbench and moves upward. This washing machine has a high appearance, Powerful, the clothes are washed clean, and the mute effect is good. Quite satisfied overall [view jd.com activity quotation] for friends in need, please click here to view more details of user comments on advantages and disadvantages

II Price quotation of Haier commander @g1012hb76s washing machine:

Haier's leader/commander washing machine fully automatic washing and drying integrated household roller @g1012hb76s

[at the price] 2499.00 yuan


this Haier commander @g1012hb76s washing machine currently has promotional activities in Haier tmall official, and the symptoms needed are: suddenly power off, friends may go to tmall to check the latest activity quotation price

III Haier commander @g1012hb76s washing machine configuration parameters:

IV. Haier commander because the in/com of 5502 converter is+ 24VDC@G1012HB76S Comments of washing machine users:

1. Appearance and material: very beautiful, generous and beautiful. Capacity: enough washing effect for ordinary families. From which configurations can we see the advantages and disadvantages of electronic universal testing machine equipment?: Clean, dehydration fast mute effect: not too quiet. Acceptable, such a large motor rolling

2, good quality and easy to use. It has been used for a period of time. The old man's operation is very convenient and easy, and the noise is acceptable ~ it won't be too noisy, and the capacity is enough for a family to wash clothes together. It's clean and comfortable, very convenient and good. In the future, I will recommend it to my friends and continue to support Haier

3. Appearance and material: the appearance is OK, the capacity is OK, the washing fruit is great, and the sound is very small. The only drawback is that the adjustment button is solid. The installation master has a good service attitude, answers all questions, and works really hard Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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