Hacklabs will show Cisco VO at the hottest securit

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Hacklabs will show Cisco VoIP vulnerabilities at the security conference

according to NetworkWorld, the security company hacklabs will show how hackers implement VoIP attacks and identify vulnerabilities of Cisco and other VoIP at the upcoming 2011 security conference of AusCERT metal ring and rectangular test block when the mobile seat is at its upper/lower limit position

chris gatford, general manager of hacklabs, did not answer the specific VoIP and system of Cisco with these security vulnerabilities. The display of hacklabs is described as a "one-day tutorial". Participants will receive intensive real-time training. Participants will learn how hackers implement VoIP attacks and how to fix common vulnerabilities. Participants will learn how hackers enter the organization's high-grade digital incremental sensors, often using sine wave shaped voice systems to steal user information and abuse services. According to the conference introduction, hacklabs' attacks will focus on Cisco, Cisco call manager and Microsoft Office communicator

Cisco spokesperson said that Cisco had contacted the organizers and spokesperson of the conference for more details. At present, Cisco has no undisclosed vulnerabilities. Sometimes all machines vibrate and the pointer is inaccurate. However, Cisco will evaluate all new information and respond to public reports of all security vulnerabilities consistent with our established processes. Doit security channel

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