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There are many challenges for traditional printing enterprises to enter e-commerce

e-commerce is a new management and business model that has emerged in recent years. Compared with traditional methods, it has obvious advantages in terms of speed, accuracy and cost. The emergence of e-commerce provides a possible opportunity for the growth and sustainable development of enterprises. What are the opportunities? The first is the development of new markets. E-commerce can help you realize the coverage of sub areas, and go deep into places that physical stores can't cover temporarily; The second is the attempt of a new model to achieve on-demand R & D and supply; The third is the expansion of new categories. The shelf of e-commerce is virtual, which has the advantage of maximizing expansion, and can help you increase or complete categories

as a traditional enterprise in the printing and packaging industry, it should take the initiative to develop e-commerce, but many enterprises say that there are many challenges on the way to enter e-commerce. How to balance the interests with agents and dealers? How to avoid a big price war? How to set up a professional e-commerce team

first adjust the distance of good husband tools. Enterprises should actively respond and layout the e-commerce market as soon as possible. For the concept of e-commerce, there are many opportunities and challenges, but do it or not? If you don't do it, your opponent will do it; If you don't do it, Shanzhai will do it; If you do it, there may be risks. If you don't, the risks are even greater. To be more serious, you may face extinction in three years. Therefore, it is often said that missing e-commerce means missing the future. The specific risks of missing e-commerce are as follows: if the transaction rate of online e-commerce increases steadily in the future, those who are not involved will lose the market and voice; In the future, e-commerce will become the infrastructure of all enterprises, which will make those who are not involved lose competitiveness; Internet is not only a sales channel, but also a service and communication channel. Offline channels also need a full range of services, including Internet. Although it requires service experience of various equipment, those who do not intervene will lose users, etc

secondly, enterprises should learn from each other and give full play to their advantages. Maybe this sentence is an old saying, but for traditional printing and packaging enterprises, this suggestion is really important. We must recognize our own advantages. Is it your price? Or your brand? Or your product quality? Experiments on humidity and temperature in e-commerce cities show that absorbing water can increase the impact strength of pure resin and glass fiber reinforced nylon 6/12 For the glass fiber reinforced nylon sample field that has gone through damp heat cycle and has been dried after each cycle, we must keep improving and give full play to the core competitive advantages of the enterprise

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