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Guohailin, chairman of Kyushu glass products Co., Ltd., was founded in 1996. From the initial earth stove production line, Kyushu glass products Co., Ltd. has become a large-scale enterprise with two modern electric furnace production lines and total assets of more than 65 million yuan, which contains countless efforts and sweat of chairman guohailin

in the early 1990s, the screen display of the reform was to turn on the power supply. The spring tide rose higher and higher, and the spring breeze of openness blew all over the country. The impulse to start a business also hit Guo Hailin from time to time. In 1993, a private enterprise in Beijing invested in the construction of a glassware production line in Hebei, and urgently needed to hire a group of talents who knew technology and management. This enterprise was attracted by engineering plastic products and composite materials, and became the main force of making money. It found Guo Hailin, and hired him as the factory director with an annual salary of 100000 yuan. It required that the factory be built while it was put into production, and implemented contract management

Guo Hailin thought repeatedly and decided to seize this opportunity to "go to the sea" for a fight. So he borrowed 30000 yuan in cash from his relatives and friends, and took several like-minded friends to start a business in a different place. After more than a month of intense preparation, the leading batch of products were successfully produced, and his eyes were filled with tears of joy

after the factory was completed and put into operation, the economic benefits were good, and the workers also received rich material returns. However, something unexpected happened. Seeing the good benefits of the factory, the villagers nearby went to the factory in three days and two. Now let's tell you 1. What are the factors of the performance characteristics and quality of the pressure testing machine? Make trouble. The deterioration of the business environment made guohailin start to consider a new way out. In 1995, guohailin voluntarily resigned from the post of deputy factory director and decided to return to his hometown to start a business. In a chat, he heard that there was an open space and several factories idle in Xishangzhuang village of Xishangzhuang office in the urban area, so he negotiated and cooperated with Xishangzhuang village committee and began the road of entrepreneurship in his hometown

after many years of struggling in the glass industry, Guo Hailin was full of confidence in this industry. After the necessary conditions such as site and capital were implemented, he established Jiuzhou glass products Co., Ltd. In the year of its establishment, the sales volume of the company reached 3million yuan, and soon occupied a place in the market. However, he was not satisfied, and his strong heart was always driving him forward

in the glass industry, the production mode of ordinary crucible furnace has high energy consumption and low benefit. In 2001, guohailin decided to carry out technological innovation on the original production equipment in the factory. However, the colleagues who started the business together at the beginning did not have enough confidence in the benefits and feasibility of the new technology, and felt that if the production was good, wouldn't the technological innovation have to start all over again in case of failure? In the face of doubt and confusion, Guo Hailin did not give up. After solid market research, he drew up a detailed and scientific feasibility report on technological innovation, which completely dispelled the ideological concerns of the management for technological innovation

Guo Hailin has always been resolute and resolute. Once he makes a decision, he will move towards his goal. At the end of 2001, the west of the factory area of Kyushu company was instantly razed to the ground, and the construction of an electric furnace production line with high-tech content with an investment of more than 10 million yuan was started. During the construction of the new production line, Guo Hailin spent money, hired talents, drilled skills, and tackled difficulties. He often went deep into the front line to guide the installation, and he had to personally inspect every technical detail and every process. For a period of time, due to accidental injury, his ankle was swollen even thicker than the mouth of the bowl, but he insisted on supervising the work on the construction site with crutches every day. This watch is seven days and seven nights. I eat a bowl of instant noodles when I'm hungry and take a nap when I'm sleepy

hard work will always be rewarded. In May, 2002, a domestic leading 8-ton-a-day electric furnace production line was officially put into operation. This modern production line has not only greatly reduced environmental pollution, but also created more than 500 jobs, raising the company's technical level, product quality and grade to a new level. Due to the advanced technology and exquisite workmanship, all kinds of wind lanterns, wax stands and perfume bottles produced by Kyushu company are very popular in the European and American markets, and orders are flying like snowflakes

"the party has given us so many good policies, but I have only done what I should do, but I have received so high praise and honor. I must demand myself with higher standards and redouble my efforts to repay the society." Over the years, guohailin has fulfilled his promises with actions

shopping malls are like battlefields. If you don't advance, you will retreat. In 2004, another 13 ton electric furnace production line with a total investment of 21.57 million yuan was launched by Kyushu company; In 2006, the automatic control heat exchange type coalbed methane was successfully developed; In 2007, they also invested heavily in the transformation of raw coal (electricity) to coalbed methane for 6 crucible furnaces, 2 annealing furnaces, 4 preheating furnaces and 16 heating furnaces, all using coalbed methane as fuel and measuring with intelligent gas turbine flowmeter, which increased energy utilization and reduced pollution emissions. It has completely changed the long-term production mode of using coal as fuel in the glass industry, and replaced it with clean energy coalbed methane with low pollution and high calorific value. The whole production process has also realized automatic control

at present, Kyushu glass products Co., Ltd. has developed into an excellent private enterprise with four branches, more than 1800 employees and an annual sales revenue of nearly 100 million yuan. The villagers near the factory are basically working here and have a stable source of income

"an enterprise is a small society. Only by always adhering to the leading position of realizing, maintaining and developing the interests of employees, can the sustainable development of the enterprise be fundamentally guaranteed." Guohailin said to me. Guo Hailin first started from enhancing the employees' sense of ownership and adhered to the road of brainstorming, democratic management and scientific decision-making. The company not only established a labor union to safeguard the rights of employees, but also has three magic weapons to condense and motivate employees, namely: material power, which closely links the interests of the enterprise with the economic interests of employees; Spiritual motivation makes employees feel that working in non-public enterprises is also the master of the country politically; Information power enables employees to understand the development and current situation of the enterprise in a timely manner by dredging information channels. The people-oriented democratic management concept has gradually penetrated into the hearts of every employee, and the employees' awareness of democratic participation in politics and proceedings has become increasingly strong. Every year, the company can receive more than 100 good opinions and suggestions from employees, with an adoption rate of more than 70%

in addition, the company has also built basketball courts, table tennis rooms, billiards rooms, etc. for its employees, it often organizes employees to compile and perform literary and artistic programs by themselves, and carries out various forms of cultural and sports activities, so as to enhance the mutual communication between employees and make the hearts of employees and enterprises closer. The company also paid endowment insurance, medical insurance and work-related injury insurance for them, and built apartment buildings, which lifted the worries of employees

with the continuous development and expansion of Kyushu company, as a private entrepreneur, Guo Hailin led a group of people in the company to take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise and actively participate in various social public welfare undertakings. Over the past ten years, he has donated more than 1.5 million yuan to collective undertakings, poor families and students, donated more than 800000 yuan to a number of public welfare undertakings that generally need to make special samples, such as "Project Hope", "poverty alleviation and poverty relief", and donated more than 200000 yuan to Xishangzhuang primary school, fengjiang primary school, and the "love student" of the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Office; It also formed a pair of assistance with five poor households in the surrounding villages and donated nearly 30000 yuan for them

"it is the good policy of reform and opening up that makes me realize the perfect combination of my own value and social value. Although the factory has encountered unprecedented difficulties at present, I am confident to lead the company's employees through the difficulties." Guohailin said confidently

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