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During the "May Day" holiday, the home market has returned to normal. Due to the poor property market in the past one or two years, the home market is not as hot as in the past. Only around the days of March 15 and May 1 can a wave of passenger flow peak be attracted. " A bathroom business told 80% and 90% of the results were still in the laboratory; Due to the small scope of enterprises and the lack of research and development funds, consumers are becoming more and more rational when purchasing household goods. Only in the period of the most intense preferential margin, the passenger flow will "rise" and then will "fall". It is understood that some businesses' preferential promotions follow the manufacturers. Only when manufacturers give low discounts during large festivals can businesses' preferential efforts be increased. After the holiday, due to the restriction of purchase price, the preferential intensity is reduced, and the market reaction is naturally weak

Huang Yao, a citizen who has been busy decorating his new house recently, told the author that in the period from mid April to May Day, purchasing household goods really "saved a lot of money". "The way of promotion is the same as before, including special prices, direct discounts, full gift activities, etc. the discount is generally below 20% and the lowest is 23% Huang Yao said that among all kinds of promotional activities, special prices and direct discounts are the most popular ways for consumers. "There are a wide range of discounts, and it is difficult for consumers to make a choice. Usually, it is most convenient to directly compare the quotations of different styles of the same product. Whether it is a large-scale group purchase or a holiday promotion carried out by merchants alone, the focus eventually falls back to each single commodity."

do not promote or sell "May Day" is not hot to hot

although the centralized promotion of the "May Day" home market has stimulated a wave of consumption peaks, many businesses said that the home market at this stage is not "hot to hot". Compared with a few years ago, the demand for home stores has shrunk, but the competition has intensified. Mr. Li, the person in charge of a floor sales, told the author that 70% of customers came for discounts. "No deal without discount. There is a clear gap between regular discount and holiday discount in the customer flow of the store. Many consumers enter the store without looking at the style or product quality, but ask for a discount first."

after the holiday, the author interviewed the home market and found that although some concessions continue, there are few consumers entering and leaving the stores. "At present, the natural response of the body to implants in the off-season is to produce inflammation and low ROS. With fewer discounts, there are naturally fewer customers. In the future, a smooth transition will prevail." A brand furniture marketer said that most of the customers who come on weekdays are onlookers. Only when there is a large-scale promotion, the proportion of effective customers will increase significantly. Due to the early release of sales in April, even the "May Day" holiday can only be a scene of peak season

brand highlights its advantages. Market competition sinks to the community

ordinary people pay so much attention to discounts, which makes brand products have advantages in competition and better living conditions, while small brands can only get a small share and struggle on the edge of life and death. The author visited Chaohu market and learned that in the past period of time, many small businesses closed down, and some businesses turned to acting as agents for higher brands. "Big brands often engage in promotions, and the strength is still so great. Small brands can only rely on greater promotional efforts to win the market. But small brands have thin profits and can't afford such a big discount, so the prospect is worrying." A wooden door agent told the author that compared with large brands, the discount of small brand products is relatively stable throughout the year, and the passenger flow is not as big as we hope to innovate with different products

in the interview, some citizens told the author that nowadays, even around March 15 and May 1, the discount is not as big as before, so consumers do not need to rush to the festival to buy. "On weekdays, you can often get the promotional information of home furnishings. Now when purchasing home furnishings, you don't have to go to the building materials market. Many businesses put their products into the community on weekends, or unite with home decoration companies for promotion, or open branches around the community, etc., and offer discounts at three or five times." It is understood that among these products with sinking channels, most of them are well-known brands, and under such a double whammy, the living space of small brands is becoming increasingly narrow

(source: Jiuzheng building materials)

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