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Random demolition, alteration and storage of safety hazards of home decoration property is difficult to deal with rough decoration

home decoration is free to go deep into the downstream segment demand market, demolition, alteration and storage of safety hazards of property is difficult to deal with rough decoration

April 22, 2016

[China paint information] recently, the news that half of a three story building in Shanghai collapsed due to the demolition of the decoration wall caused a lot of discussion among consumers. Many consumers call this magazine to inquire about the demolition and modification of the wall structure of home decoration: can the doors, windows and low walls connecting the balcony be removed? Can the bearing wall be perforated to open windows and doors? Because I didn't know in advance, what should I do with the removed bearing wall? The interview found that due to the lack of professional knowledge and lack of supervision, it has become a common phenomenon that people tear down walls and make holes at will in the decoration

consumer survey

can the balcony wall be removed? Can the load-bearing wall open windows

The safety of balcony has been ignored by many people. Search on found that in various decoration forums, people have been paying attention to the fate of balcony parapets for many years. When asked: "the low wall beside the balcony: there are a door and a window between many rooms and the balcony, and the wall under the window is called 'counterweight wall'. It is said that the removal and modification of this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall. Can this wall be removed?"

in addition to some friends' objections, many friends expressed their support for this practice: "n many people knocked, no problem." "Generally speaking, this kind of house with low balcony walls is an old house type. The property in this old community is not as difficult as the property in the new community, and it is not managed after demolition." "The wall under the window can be dismantled, absolutely no problem." "Now there are not a few people who knocked down the wall of the balcony. If you want to dismantle it, dismantle it." "When this kind of old house is redecorated, the wall is basically torn down."

as for the question of whether to open windows and holes in the load-bearing wall, nearly half of the respondents said that as long as the load-bearing wall is not removed, it is no problem to open small windows on it, which is conducive to lighting and ventilation

property survey

property is difficult to deal with rough decoration

and in many communities, the loose management of property for decoration is difficult to ensure the safety of decoration. How to manage the property when residents demolish the low wall of the balcony and open windows in the load-bearing wall? Several community property managers gave the following answers: "when residents decorate, property managers will go to the scene to check, and if they find that the bearing wall is removed or perforated, they will issue a rectification notice, but the property has no law enforcement power, so they can only dissuade." "There have been neighbors in our community who reported that the decoration residents demolished the balcony wall, and the decoration residents were fined 50000 yuan by the housing management office. They also asked the decoration company to weld the reinforcement and build the wall again. If no one reported, no one would be fined." "In recent years, it has been strictly controlled. Those who have demolished the balcony wall before will not care. Now the demolition will be stopped." "If there is no application for decoration, it is difficult for residents to find holes in the bearing wall and manage them."

designer survey

home decoration designers are unable to stop wall demolition

designers play a great role in decoration. So can the home decoration designers of regular companies stop the destruction of load-bearing walls? Interviewed a number of designers of decoration companies, they all said that they would be able to obtain the performance parameters of torsional strength, torque and upper and lower yield, strictly abide by the company's system, and would not operate in violation of regulations. But what they worry about is that consumers often tear down the wall by themselves

Yang Xiaojuan, the chief designer of decoration at present, told Xinbao that in home decoration, unreasonable demolition and modification requirements put forward by consumers mainly focus on: dismantling the short wall under the balcony door window, demolishing the external wall of the first floor residents to expand the indoor space, demolishing the load-bearing wall of the old house to change the bedroom into a living room, demolishing the kitchen and bathroom red brick wall with auxiliary load-bearing function, etc. As designers, they will resolutely stop it. Random demolition and modification is also strictly prohibited by the company. But there are still a few consumers who avoid them and find decoration guerrillas to tear down the wall. In this case, she will feel very weak

expert warning

demolition, modification and drilling damage the safety of the house

Wang Xiaodong, an architect of Beijing Architectural Design Institute, told Xinbao that as a building with a "load-bearing wall" system, any wall that bears the stress should not be demolished, modified or opened at will. He stressed that no matter the masonry load-bearing wall or the reinforced concrete load-bearing wall, any demolition, modification and opening can not be controlled by the home decoration company. Because conditional demolition and reconstruction must meet the following conditions: after the original structural engineer re verifies the design or is authorized, it is agreed that other structural engineers re verify the design. Under certain conditions, according to the reconstruction and reinforcement construction drawings, under the guidance of the construction department and personnel with professional reinforcement construction qualifications, through the reinforcement of relevant parts and other remedial measures, some allowable parts of the bearing wall can be properly opened

"the load-bearing wall bears many functions such as load-bearing and shear resistance. At present, many events have confirmed that any unscientific demolition and reconstruction will cause irreparable disasters to the building." According to Peng Hua, a mechanics doctor from the Institute of geomechanics, Chinese Academy of geology, it was found during the Wenchuan earthquake that some buildings with good seismic resistance collapsed in the middle of a unit, while other units were intact. The reason was that a resident destroyed the bearing wall during decoration, reducing the seismic performance. The collapse of half of a three story building in Shanghai more intuitively shows the serious damage of decoration to the bearing wall

he also reminded that the production and sales of domestic industries ranked first. Although non bearing walls do not play a major role in bearing weight, some non bearing walls are secondary bearing components and extremely important supports for bearing walls. Take the 6-story residence as an example, the non bearing wall in the ground floor residence should bear the weight of the upper 5-story wall. This kind of non bearing wall is usually designed as a seismic wall. If an earthquake occurs, these non bearing walls will bear the seismic force together with the bearing walls

special reminder

it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and modify the wall under the balcony window

Wang Xiaodong proposed that the wall under the balcony window cannot be dismantled and modified at will. In some brick concrete structure designs, the balcony floor slab is a structural member suspended outside the wall. The wall under the window is called "counterweight sill wall", which is pressed at the root of the cantilever slab to maintain the balance of the balcony slab and must not be removed. In addition to the brick concrete structure, there are also walls at the lower part of the balcony door window of many residential buildings with full cast-in-situ concrete wallboard structure (called shear wall), but this plays a role in resisting shear in the seismic calculation of the wall and cannot be removed

he reminded that if unauthorized demolition and modification were found, the work should be stopped immediately. If necessary, irrelevant personnel shall evacuate the building temporarily, and professional personnel shall identify it, take temporary reinforcement and preventive measures, and observe the condition of the whole building: such as deformation, cracking, etc. The structural design engineer and relevant professionals shall make remedial plans such as reinforcement and recovery

according to the requirements of the construction law, it is strictly prohibited to demolish and modify buildings without permission. It is a major event involving their own safety and the interests of other neighboring residents to make all measurement and control systems more accurate and self dismantle and modify the house structure. In case of demolition and modification during decoration, the property management department shall be notified in advance, and the construction can be started only after obtaining relevant legal procedures (including reinforcement and reconstruction drawings and relevant approval documents); The property service department should review and inspect in time, warn and stop problems in time, and report to the urban construction supervision and management department, housing management office and other units in time

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