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Does Guodian completely withdraw from the real estate business of its Luneng group or be integrated by the central real estate enterprise

On March 23, a message about Guodian's determination to withdraw from the real estate business was posted on Weibo

according to the state electricity meter, according to the rectification requirements of the SASAC, in the future, it will focus on the main business and withdraw from the traditional manufacturing and real estate business

at present, the real estate business of Guodian is mainly concentrated in Luneng group. Against this background, where will Luneng group go in recent years in the real estate market because there is no specific scale for manual operation

in this regard, securities contacted relevant people of Luneng, but as of the deadline, Luneng did not reply

Yan Yuejin, a real estate analyst, told securities that Luneng group still needs to accelerate the integration of resources in the future, especially in the development of business and other aspects, or face restrictions

some insiders also believe that since the non main real estate business of many central enterprises has been acquired and restructured by relevant real estate enterprises, Luneng group cannot be excluded from being integrated by other central real estate enterprises

Guodian is determined to withdraw from the real estate business

recently, the notice of the Party group of Guodian Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China on the progress of the third round of inspection and rectification of the 19th Central Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") released by Guodian clearly pointed out that it will mix the samples, adhere to the main business of power, be determined to withdraw from the traditional manufacturing industry and real estate business, and resolutely complete the task of deepening the reform of collective enterprises on schedule

in 2010, in order to regulate the large-scale entry of central enterprises into the real estate industry, the SASAC issued a "check-out order", requiring central enterprises to withdraw from real estate completely, and only 16 central enterprises to retain their real estate main business qualifications

in 2011, the SASAC issued a document saying, "Luneng group was engaged in real estate business before it was acquired by Guodian and its scale was very large. Luneng group and four other enterprises were specially approved to engage in real estate business."

although it was let off once by the "check-out order", after nine years, Guodian still had to withdraw from the real estate business

"the withdrawal of Guodian from the real estate business further illustrates the resolute implementation of the current central enterprise check-out order." Yan Yuejin said that the proper heating treatment of this kind of industry can also avoid the phenomenon of "burning" in the processing process. From the development of business, it fully shows that some central enterprises with weak real estate business development are further facing the reduction of real estate business. Of course, there is a timetable for exiting the real estate business. Generally speaking, from the perspective of schedule, the first is not to take land, but also to allow the development of existing plots. In other words, more emphasis is placed on the reduction of incremental business, and the management of stock properties may still be retained

Luneng Group's subsequent investment in land acquisition or limited

the main platform for Luneng group to develop its real estate business is Guangyu development, a listed company, whose business scope covers residential product development, commercial real estate project development and operation, and property management services

in the past two years, Guangyu's development has not been very smooth in terms of capital or business expansion, and has been "nurtured" by Luneng group

on March 17, Guangyu Development released an announcement that its subsidiaries Nanjing Guangyu, Nanjing Silicon Valley and Suzhou Guangyu sought financial assistance of 150million yuan from the controlling shareholder Luneng

on December 21, 2019, Luneng group received the inventory assets of Lumei project sold by Guangyu development for 917 million yuan

even so, the overall performance of Guangyu development is still relatively backward among real estate enterprises

the 2019 annual performance express of Guangyu development shows that in 2019, the company achieved an operating revenue of 22.987 billion yuan, a decrease of 15.04% over the same period last year; The net profit was 3.142 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.57%

market participants said that it was unknown whether Luneng Group's qualification as the main real estate business could be retained after Guodian withdrew from the real estate business, while Guangyu's development had no backing from Luneng Group's real estate business, and its future prospects were not optimistic

Yan Yuejin believes that the real estate enterprises associated with the national power real estate business face pressure or constraints in terms of subsequent investment and land acquisition, but it is difficult to say that they will exit directly. For this adjustment of State Grid, relevant enterprises such as Luneng Group naturally need to actively adjust. Luneng has been doing business integration for the past two years, and the whole integration cycle is relatively long. From the actual situation, it is still necessary to speed up the integration of resources in the future, especially in the development of business and other aspects, or face restrictions, which also requires Luneng to continue to strengthen business adjustment in the future, so as to conform to the current central spirit

in the process of central enterprises withdrawing from the real estate business, it is mostly the real estate central enterprises that reorganize the real estate business of other central enterprises. Therefore, the industry believes that if the load sensor of the electronic universal testing machine needs to be replaced in the process of operation, according to the previous integration mode of the real estate business of central enterprises, Luneng group cannot be excluded from being reorganized by other central enterprises. However, Luneng Group has huge assets, which will be relatively more complex

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