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Home decoration beware of waterproof paint pollution

home decoration beware of waterproof paint pollution

September 5, 2002

recently, a worker poisoning accident occurred at the decoration and reconstruction project site of a unit in this city. According to the investigation, the reason for the accident is that the waterproof coating and diluent used by workers during the construction of waterproof coating release toxic gas

waterproof coating causes environmental pollution

recently, many consumers have come to the city's indoor environmental monitoring department for consultation, reflecting that there is a relatively strong smell in the sanitary

Room and kitchen after home decoration. The relevant departments found that the pollution was mainly caused by waterproof coating, and this pollution was not easy to remove. Ms. Wang, who lives in Jiulong garden, had no choice but to dismantle the decorated bathroom and carry out waterproof treatment again. Therefore, the experts of the indoor environment monitoring center remind everyone that there is a clear distinction between paying attention to the pollution of wood-based panels, paint coatings and radioactive stones in the

while paying attention to the good product design of decoration, the correct material selection and failure. At the same time, do not ignore the indoor environment pollution caused by waterproof coatings, another important link of indoor decoration pollution

at present, in building decoration projects, waterproof treatment should be carried out for places that are often contaminated with water, such as kitchens and toilets

some decoration companies and consumers believe that the area of waterproof treatment for indoor decoration is not very large, and there are cement and tiles on it after treatment, so the pollution will not be very serious. It's not true. Because the indoor waterproof layer is generally used to carry out the pilot of insurance compensation for the first batch of key new materials, it is necessary to reach a certain thickness before it can have the corresponding waterproof function. The amount of materials used is relatively large. In the waterproof construction, once the waterproof coating containing pollutants is used, it will cause indoor environmental pollution for a long time

polyurethane waterproof coatings are harmful to human health

the indoor environmental monitoring center found that some polyurethane waterproof coatings containing tar are seriously polluted. This kind of material is generally made of coal tar or raw materials containing part of coal tar, and the coke

oil and gas volatilized from it has a pungent smell. At the same time, due to the relatively large molecular weight of tar gas, it is easy to deposit in the indoor environment with poor air circulation, and excessive inhalation of tar gas in a short time can lead to rapid poisoning and death. In addition, another defect of this kind of waterproof coating is the use of organic solvents as diluents, which mostly contain toxic substances such as toluene and xylene. Due to the dense surface of the waterproof coating, the solvent needs 6 Bending angle: 180 ° ± 5 ° it takes a long time to volatilize, so the pollutants will be released within a certain period of time after the completion of the decoration project. Inhalation of tar gas and benzene in small doses for a long time can cause

respiratory diseases, dizziness, nausea, and even cancer. At present, this material has been listed as obsolete building decoration materials by national and local authorities, and is not allowed to be used in building decoration projects

choose non-toxic and environmental protection products

control the pollution of waterproof coating for indoor decoration, mainly from the use of materials, and should choose

non-toxic and environmental protection waterproof coating. At present, acrylic waterproof coatings and tar free polyurethane waterproof materials on the market are certified non-toxic, odorless and environment-friendly products. Only indoor floors treated with this kind of waterproof coating can meet the requirements of environmental protection.

when the ten mandatory standards for the limit of harmful substances in indoor decoration materials formulated by the state are implemented, When all walks of life implement the national law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and the production safety law of the people's Republic of China, the accidents caused by the problems of interior decoration materials have once again sounded the alarm for us: indoor environmental pollution should not be ignored

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