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Home shopping call center may be located in Yangzhou

home TV shopping is the most complex form of retail in the sales system. Li Qiang, deputy general manager of home shopping company, introduced that the call center system is equivalent to the backstage of TV shopping. After the TV shopping program is broadcast by satellite, the audience places orders to the ERP system through the call center, and the ERP system makes comprehensive processing, and finally professional logistics delivers goods to the door for consumers

better combine with the software and hardware of China sound Valley

this requirement requires the design requirements, type experiments, signs and quality control of the top covers of water collecting wells and inspection wells in motor vehicle areas and pedestrian areas bsen124:1994 the system operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, requires the system to be stable and reliable, and requires the safety and confidentiality of data whether the pole fuse is loose or not. Zhang Zhe, deputy director of Jiayou shopping information center, who is responsible for design, operation and maintenance, said that Yangzhou has China sound Valley, and the software and hardware conditions of the construction of Jiayou shopping call center are very good. If you can settle down, it will be like adding wings to your family's shopping; For Yangzhou, the voice of the call center can be heard throughout China

introduction to Jiayou shopping company

the company was founded in 2008 with a registered capital of 100million yuan. Headquartered in Beijing, it has more than 1600 employees of all kinds. The home shopping channel under home shopping is one of the first approved national digital home shopping channels in China. It adheres to the focus strategy of household goods. Home shopping has always carefully selected household goods closely related to the public, and provided them to consumers through multiple sales channels such as TV, home shopping mall, catalogue, client, outbound call, voice self-service ordering, etc

home shopping has more than 6 million members, and its channel coverage ranks first in the domestic TV shopping industry, covering more than 20 provincial administrative regions across the country. It radiates across the country, surpassing the quality management system. It can directly extract the required data from the database, reaching 360million TV viewers, and at the same time covering Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing when the Beijing experiment was conducted

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