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Physical stores of home building materials have different views on e-commerce platforms

physical stores of home building materials have different views on e-commerce platforms

November 13, 2014

[China paint information] a few years ago, after the traditional sales peak season of "golden nine and silver ten", many people familiar with the home building materials market will certainly think that the whole market will have a dull period next, and will not be hot again until the end of the year. However, with the gradual rise of the "double 11" promotion season in recent years, the entire home building materials market is shrouded in a wave of promotions, which is even more lively this year

home e-commerce worked hard to prepare for last week. Although there is still a week to go before the "double 11", we can see on the shopping platforms of Taobao tmall, Suning Tesco and Qijia that the promotional content of many home building materials brands during the "double 11" period has already appeared in prominent positions on all pages. Among them, Lin's wood industry, with the slogan of "the strongest discount in seven years", sold at a 20% to 50% discount, and launched promotional activities such as 100million yuan coupon and over 6000 yuan exchange for value-added gifts; Quanyou home is also full of firepower this year, with advertisements such as "the lowest price in 28 years", "99 yuan to book first, buy cheapest now" and "at least 500 yuan lower than the market price" on the official homepage; Opel lighting uses promotional content such as "giving led night lights every minute throughout the day", "cash back 500 yuan at the spot", "pumping iphone6 throughout the day" as a gimmick... Like physical stores, the competition among home merchants on e-commerce platforms is also full of gunpowder, and the most typical ones are home care and left and right sofas. It is understood that during the "double 11" period, in addition to starting the warm men's day and making gimmicks such as "giving away sofas every hour", "consuming extended Hummers", "giving away lazy sofas when full", Gu family home also targeted the left and right sofas. The advertising content of its activity promotion is as follows: "how can Gu family warm men be in a dilemma?!"; The left and right sofas are also unwilling to be outdone. They fight back with the sentence "happiness is around, away from the warm man who seems to take care of his family". Later, they also conclude: "only when you stay away from the warm man, can you have stable happiness."

merchants worked hard to prepare for the war, and achieved results before the "double 11" day. For example, Zhibang cabinet has made great achievements. You can download Zhibang cabinet from Shangzhou or the testing machine officer. Zhang Xinyuan, an agent in Zhangzhou, told him that by November 9, his store had received five orders from Zhangzhou, and all of them were strange customers who had been in the store in the future. At 1:00 p.m. on the "double 11" day, Zhang Tianfu, the Zhangzhou agent of promet sanitary ware, also said happily that nearly 10 Zhangzhou consumers also placed orders on the purchase platform, of which except for two orders in the urban area, the rest came from the county

in the face of the "aggressive" momentum of e-commerce platforms, physical stores naturally couldn't sit still and launched various activities in due course. It was found that the promotional activities of these physical stores were not focused on the day of "double 11" compared with the titanium alloy that was often used, but extended the time of the activities to the weeks before and after. At the same time, considerable attention was also paid to the preferential strength and different industry marketing

on the afternoon of November 9, when I came to Zhangzhou Red Star Macalline, I saw a lively scene. I saw dozens of snack stalls lined up in the outer square of Zhangzhou Red Star Macalline. The attractive fragrance attracted hundreds of Zhangzhou citizens to stop and taste, making the originally wide square seem crowded; The parent-child activity area next to the snack stand also attracted many children to participate. Foam castle, trampoline, water boating and other projects are full of laughter everywhere

less than 10 minutes after entering the store, I received nearly 10 promotional leaflets. Among them, there are "free apples for buying furniture and building materials", "free 10000 gifts", "big brand crazy rush season" mainly launched by red star Macalline stores, as well as additional preferential activities launched by settled merchants. Through the above comparison, 2) after the test run of the equipment, it is found that the preferential margin is no smaller than that of e-commerce platforms, whether it is the "factory fight tmall" launched by Sao Paulo flooring, the opening Thanksgiving activity jointly held by Nobel, Cezanne and Youke ceramic tile brands, or the "President signing meeting" of CBD bedding. Among them, CBD bedding is in the limelight, and its person in charge, ye Xiaoju, is too happy to close her mouth. When asked about the effect of the event, several agency friends around her vied with envy and said, "break millions!"

in shopping malls, the most common phenomenon is that a large number of passengers flow into merchants' stores, or look at styles or price comparisons, which makes merchants busy. "There are so many guests here." In Deyi kitchen and bathroom appliances, a shopping guide told them that during the two-day event, they received dozens of customers, including threeorfour waves of customers in ten minutes. "At that time, I was really busy. I had to call the boss and ask him to call some more people to help." The shopping guide said

in the face of e-commerce physical stores, we learned from the interview that in recent years, sales on the purchase platform have made rapid progress, which has had a great impact on both consumers and physical stores of household building materials. In the face of this emerging consumption mode, the merchants of natural foamed materials poured into the thermal insulation cavity through the mixing nozzle in the home building of the Zhangzhou operating entity store show two completely different attitudes

Zhang Xinyuan believes that the growing popularity of shopping platforms will greatly promote brand promotion and improve the performance of physical stores. "Physical stores still get a lot of benefits from it." Zhang Xinyuan said, "under normal circumstances, the exhibition hall area of physical stores is at most hundreds of square meters, so it is impossible to show all products. With the help of online sales platforms, physical stores can help expand the sales of products; at the same time, manufacturers are also willing to pay fees such as ultra-low discounts, subsidies, gifts and so on, which brings great benefits to their stores."

while some other businesses think it is unprofitable, and even pessimists believe that once the manufacturers' sales channels are concentrated on e-commerce, their stores should almost be closed. Mr. Ye, the person in charge of a brand of wooden door, said: "although the products sold on the purchase platform will be classified as my performance, but what profit will there be for the products sold at a 50% discount? The wooden door I represent was originally targeted at medium and high-end customers. As soon as the promotion price was announced, consumers compared prices, although the styles and models were different, the huge price gap made customers have a bad impression on the physical store." We also learned that in addition, local dealers also have to undertake delivery, installation, three guarantees and other matters. Once there is an unexpected error in the goods, the local dealers will be thankless

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