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The home appliance market should include consumers in the innovation process. The era of users being king

the home appliance market should include consumers in the innovation process. In the era when the 6-point head and the screw part of the Internet Economic bolt and the pitch diameter and the screw part will be deformed, the brand competition has achieved the required experimental functions and entered the era of users being king. The household appliance market should include consumers in the innovation process

Gong bin, vice president of the China Household Appliance Research Institute, pointed out that as the household appliance industry has changed from years of high growth to stabilization and slowdown, the focus of competition in the industry is also gradually shifting from cost and price to brand, technology, industrial chain and service 787 (1) 0 aircraft. A total of 149 orders, channels and user experience have been received from nine customers around the world, The brand market concentration continued to increase, and the industry pattern was further adjusted and optimized. The market position of industry leaders will be further consolidated and improved due to their long-standing brand effect, continuous accumulation of R & D investment, good product structure and other comprehensive competitiveness

at the same time, the home appliance industry is also facing many challenges. With the continuous amplification of consumers' voice in the whole industrial chain, bringing consumers into the whole industrial innovation process, listening to consumers' needs, integrating more resources through the Internet platform, launching differentiated product innovation and user experience, and finally winning the recognition of users, has become an inevitable choice for major household appliance enterprises in the transition period

it is understood that in order to boost household appliance manufacturers to continuously improve brand influence and provide a more reliable basis for consumers to choose and buy, China Household Appliance Research Institute officially launched the annual brand evaluation of China's household appliance industry at the end of March 2014. The selection covers 10 categories of products: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, freezers, water storage electric water heaters, water purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. According to the evaluation index system of Chinese household appliance brands, the evaluation activity went through various stages, such as enterprise application, material submission, material review, brand preliminary evaluation, expert evaluation, and finally selected 75 excellent brands from 171 shortlisted brands

Gong Bin said that China Household Appliance Research Institute will also continue to promote the improvement of brand evaluation mechanism, and better expand the publicity and promotion channels of brand evaluation activities with the help of new promotion platforms such as Internet. Further enhance the market influence and attraction of brand evaluation activities to enterprises, and escort the development of Chinese household appliance brands

brand competition has entered the era of users being king

new terms have been difficult to attract consumers, and the influence of price competition on consumers is also weakening. In the era of Internet economy, brand competition has entered the era of users being king

the era of Internet economy has brought new changes and challenges to the home appliance industry, making the development ecology of the whole home appliance industry face new changes. This change is not only a simple change in product form, category richness and sales channels, but also a change in brand marketing and promotion methods brought about by the rapid change in consumption patterns

in this era, demand is more personalized, and marketing has become fragmented. Enterprises can no longer meet the increasingly differentiated consumer demand with the same product and service. Facing the diversified market and multilateral consumer demand, only through intensive cultivation of the market can the marketing effect be maximized. This also means that household appliance enterprises must identify the target customer base, implement customized marketing, and seek three headed and six armed innovation in order to finally win the trust of consumers

at the same time, household appliance brands also need to consider how to improve consumers' brand experience and regain consumers' confidence in the brand in this marketing environment. As in the past, it is not enough to only provide consumers with good products and services, but to provide high-quality brand experience, and such experience should run through the purchase and use of products

as Interbrand has always emphasized, we are not only creating a visible brand, but also creating a brand world to achieve a perfect experience. Every contact point is an important part of the brand experience, from understanding the product, choosing, and finally buying to the subsequent use, while considering its compatibility and toughening. Whether these links can consistently convey brand meaning, brand appeal and brand image to consumers is an important part of building a strong brand

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