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Holographic positioning hot stamping technology and its application

I. brief analysis of positioning hot stamping

anti counterfeiting has been a hot issue in the tobacco industry for many years. So far, more than 1000 anti-counterfeiting companies have emerged in China. In terms of principles and methods, there are also a lot of strange soldiers. There are many well-designed and highly safe solutions. But the effect of practical application is largely different. Why? First of all, we need to distinguish between absolute anti-counterfeiting and effective anti-counterfeiting in concept. We know that anti-counterfeiting is a comprehensive project. In terms of banknotes, it generally needs to use more than a dozen methods to prevent counterfeiting. Compared with commodity anti-counterfeiting, it is an absolute anti-counterfeiting that can meet specific performance requirements, but its technical requirements and manufacturing costs cannot be borne by commodity anti-counterfeiting. In other words, no single anti-counterfeiting technology can prevent the occurrence of counterfeiting itself. The significance of commodity anti-counterfeiting is to increase the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting, pursue the effectiveness as high as possible, and meet the consumption characteristics of commodities at the same time. Following this principle, holographic/letter authentication positioning hot stamping can be:

1 Effectively curb the scale and quality of counterfeiting. Positioning hot stamping requires high accuracy. The thermostatic timer on the right starts to count very high, which requires automatic high-speed positioning hot stamping machine to cooperate with production. In consideration of cost and risk, counterfeiters generally do not buy high-end equipment, but use small manual equipment for counterfeiting. The hot stamping quality and error are large, and the counterfeiting speed is greatly reduced

2. Intuitive and recognizable without any tools. As a special consumer goods, cigarettes have a strong ability to distinguish between true and false before purchasing behavior because of their familiarity with packaging In recent years, holographic identification, positioning and hot stamping has gradually become a mainstream anti-counterfeiting method in the tobacco industry, which is the result of continuous exploration and summary in the tobacco industry in practice

second, positioning hot stamping has become a condition for effective anti-counterfeiting

although positioning hot stamping has the basic conditions for effective anti-counterfeiting, as a special industry, anti-counterfeiting is in a state of disorderly development due to the lack of government supervision. This makes users have to face the embarrassing situation that the use of positioning hot stamping may still be imitated and counterfeited. How to give full play to the advantages of positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting and realize effective anti-counterfeiting is a common topic in front of cigarette factories, packaging enterprises and anti-counterfeiting material suppliers. How can we give full play to the effectiveness of positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting? This will involve:

1 Choice of master technology

the visual features of anti-counterfeiting come from the master. The progressiveness and exclusivity of master technology directly affect the degree of anti-counterfeiting. Due to well-known reasons, the higher the popularity of master technology, the lower the degree of anti-counterfeiting. Although the hologram cannot be 100% copied, its effect can be imitated by using the same technology, and the degree of similarity can reach more than 90%. For commodity anti-counterfeiting, this is an invalid anti-counterfeiting. At present, the master generation technology widely used at home and abroad is mainly two-dimensional/three-dimensional and digital dot matrix. Unfortunately, the above two master technologies, which are still effective abroad, have become commodities in China. Here, in addition to expressing regret, we have to mention the letter authentication master technology of Kurtz, Germany. Jianxin (inject a few drops of light lubricating oil into the lead screw trustseal) is an internationally famous advanced master technology. Since its birth, it has never been transferred or sold as a commodity. The generation equipment of Jianxin master is Kur 1. Host maintenance: the unique registration technology of Z group. Its resolution is more than 10000dpi, which is comparable to non digital dot matrix technology. Due to the strong control ability of light, it can generate unique complex optical effects, which are difficult to be imitated by other methods. In terms of anti-counterfeiting visual features, it ensures the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting

in the past, the market generally thought that optical anti-counterfeiting technology (OVD) was hologram, but now many domestic businesses and manufacturers have come into contact with and are using the OVD optical anti-counterfeiting technology - authentication optical anti-counterfeiting technology, which is exclusively developed and owned by the company under the Kurtz group in Germany. In fact, OVD optical anti-counterfeiting technology is also widely used in the high anti-counterfeiting of banknotes, passports, identity cards and so on, but most of them are not holograms

holography and authentication are two different optical anti-counterfeiting technologies. Although both of them use the angle of light irradiation and the change of light and shade to bring out different patterns or text information, many anti-counterfeiting effects, brightness, color, multi gray scale, matte, etc. that can be achieved by using authentication optical technology can not be achieved by all information technology. At present, holographic technology has become a commercial product, which is relatively easy to be counterfeited

2. Additional anti-counterfeiting technology

micro text, partial aluminum removal, etc. can increase the degree of anti-counterfeiting. The micro text of the identification technology can reach 0.075mm, which can be seen only with a high-power magnifying glass. In addition, its unique hidden effect needs to be read by special instruments as a means of internal control and communication

3. Effective anti-counterfeiting requirements for positioning electrochemical aluminum

the requirements for the quality of electrochemical aluminum are mainly divided into the popularization of precision. Many powerful domestic packaging enterprises have purchased high-speed hot stamping equipment, and the hot stamping speed is also constantly improving. When using the flat pressing machine for production, in order to meet the batch production, the patchwork method of hot stamping multiple patterns each time is often used, that is, each foil is hot stamped with more than one pattern at a time. Therefore, the accuracy and hot stamping performance of foil are highly required. As positioning hot stamping is the next process of the printing process, waste products due to the quality of electrochemical aluminum will lead to the scrapping of the entire printing sheet itself, including paper, ink, machine hours and man hours. At the same time, the hot stamping process becomes the bottleneck of production. Kurtz's holographic electrochemical aluminum has excellent performance in hot stamping speed while ensuring accuracy. With suitable paper, ink, hot stamping machine, hot stamping parameters and operator technology, it can achieve a stable working speed of 6000 flat sheets per hour and 8500 round stamping machines per hour

III. Development of positioning hot stamping technology

now, the technological development process and technological breakthrough of domestic packaging enterprises are briefly described as follows:

1 After a large number of molding tests, detailed test data are obtained. Based on the analysis and comparison of various data, it is finally determined that it is ideal to use wide range pressing method to achieve the accuracy of positioning hot stamping coil label and large-scale stable production

2. Through the production test and tracking test of various molded tapes, a kind of raw material film tape with stable deformation coefficient, excellent molding quality and best hot stamping effect is selected as the special material for the production of positioning hot rolling tape

3. Test the shrinkage rate of special materials under various working conditions. The working conditions mentioned here include the pressure, temperature, winding tension, speed and other process conditions of production equipment, so as to determine the best process parameters, and then carry out a large number of production tests on special materials on the premise of ensuring the process parameters, so as to determine the stable shrinkage rate of special materials

4. It requires high precision of equipment and strict quality control of all processes. Therefore, a complete set of advanced equipment has been introduced from abroad, and strict quality control and testing have been carried out for each process

IV. application of anti-counterfeiting holographic logo positioning iron technology

since 1998, Hunan Changde cigarette factory took the lead in applying anti-counterfeiting holographic logo special edition positioning iron (hereinafter referred to as positioning iron) technology to the packaging of its high-end cigarette furongwang, positioning iron has been widely used in the packaging industries such as tobacco and cosmetics, In particular, in the past two years, positioning irons have been commonly used in high-end cigarette packaging in various cigarette factories (such as top-grade Yunyan, Lanzhou, fuzipai, HaoMao, etc.), which is mainly based on the following factors:

1 It plays the purpose of cracking down on fake and shoddy products and protecting the interests of consumers

(1) positioning ironing is difficult

packaging and printing manufacturers are required to have expensive precision positioning ironing equipment

it is required that other carp printing series equipment in the printing factory can also meet the requirements of positioning ironing, with precise walking and positioning

the production of anti-counterfeiting holographic special edition positioning hot stamping logo requires precise special equipment and raw materials, and the process requirements are very high. Only families in the world can provide qualified hot stamping tape labels:

(2) all the anti-counterfeiting technologies used in general holographic anti-counterfeiting adhesive labels, such as pixel holography, true color, synthetic encryption, lithography, photochemical relief and other technologies, can play an excellent anti-counterfeiting effect

2. The positioning iron is organically integrated with the packaging box itself, and combined with other anti-counterfeiting technologies on the packaging to form multiple anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, through reasonable design, the quality and grade of the packaging can be greatly improved, which improves a big step in both anti-counterfeiting strength and beauty

3. Positioning ironing can realize high-speed large-scale automatic production, which is matched with high-speed printing equipment, and meets the production process requirements of printing manufacturers


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