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Home decoration beware of "green trap" recognize the "ten rings" logo

home decoration beware of "green trap" recognize the "ten rings" logo

November 13, 2012

[China paint information] this year's Huizhou home decoration, under the change of real estate policy and the pressure of rising building materials, labor and other costs, the "golden nine silver ten" expected by merchants did not work. Compared with previous years, the response of Huizhou home decoration market this year is lagging behind. From Huiquan Shanbao, Tianzhi home furnishing and other building materials merchants, we learned that there were no large-scale discounts in September, but during the National Day golden holiday, preferential activities were launched one after another. October will be a peak decoration season, and the sales of building materials market will reach the peak of this year

more citizens visit the home market on weekends than ever before. They not only consider the price in home decoration consumption, but also pay more attention to the safety and environmental protection of household products and home decoration. In order to cater to the consumption psychology of home decoration consumers, many building materials merchants and home decoration companies have played the "green and environmental protection" brand one after another. Individual merchants take advantage of consumers' trust in green home products, and even appear the phenomenon that the publicity is inconsistent with the reality, indirectly damaging the interests of consumers. Wang Weisen, Secretary General of Huizhou decoration design association, reminded consumers that the current home market is mixed, and consumers should not be fooled by the "green trap" when purchasing products and home decoration services that meet the requirements of the "certificate of conformity" when purchasing home experimental power

it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the environmental protection certificate

at present, it has entered the peak decoration season, and building materials merchants and home decoration companies have increased their efforts in publicity and promotion. Due to the rising cost of raw materials and the limited price reduction of merchants, some building materials merchants and home decoration companies have found another way to use consumers' trust in green household products and environmental protection home decoration to play the "environmental protection, energy conservation and green" brand to attract owners' consumption

in a home shopping mall in Huizhou, I saw two similar finished desks with "environmental protection and green" signs, which immediately increased their value, 1/5 higher than the price of ordinary desks of the same type. Ms. Lin, a salesperson at the scene, said that furniture with environmental protection signs was more favored by consumers

it was found in several building materials markets and building materials stores on the South Bank of the river that some building materials merchants marked the words "green environmental protection materials" and "green building materials" on the prominent positions of promotional materials and samples, and there were various environmental protection certificates. But when asked about the certification of these environmental protection signs by authoritative departments, the salesperson was vague

according to an insider, some furniture is obviously produced in small workshops, but it bears the signboard of XX and XX furniture in Hong Kong, and even uses a foreign name to advertise that it is a foreign brand. The certificates provided may be all in English, or claimed to be issued by foreign professional institutions. Consumers simply cannot distinguish the authenticity of these diverse certificates. For example, some mattress supplies are likely to be "gold and jade outside, and the dirt inside". The surface looks beautiful and luxurious, and the substrate may be unattractive

using environmental friendly materials is not equal to "green decoration"

because the concept of green environmental protection is favored by home decoration consumers, some home decoration companies have invested in it, and have launched the banner of "green design" or "environmental protection decoration", and the concept of green environmental protection has also brought considerable profits to these home decoration companies. Yan Xiaobo, general manager of Huizhou Jixiang Decoration Design Co., Ltd., said frankly that there are not many home decoration companies in Huizhou that can really create green decoration

Yan Xiaobo analyzed that at present, a considerable number of home decoration companies in the market just stay in recommending some environmental protection products. However, using environmental protection products is not equal to environmental protection home decoration. Excessive stacking will also cause decoration pollution. Some non-standard companies and decoration teams do not understand the meaning of "green and environmental protection decoration". The signboard of "green and environmental protection" is just to get consumers hooked, and then in the construction process, they shoddy, shoddy, Jerry built, and deceive consumers

Yan Xiaobo said that "green decoration" is not as simple as using environmental protection materials, and its building process is quite rigorous. "First of all, the home decoration company that undertakes the 'green decoration' project must be a certified formal decoration company. After undertaking the project, the home decoration company will test the content of harmful substances in the blank house before construction. After the test is notarized, the home decoration company will let the consumer choose the variety of environmental protection materials, and the designer will make objective recommendations according to the actual situation of the house to be decorated and the environmental protection materials, and calculate the indoor The use of all materials, strictly supervise the construction process during the construction process, and control the release of harmful substances within a safe range. "

Wang Weisen also warned consumers that when choosing green home decoration services, they must write the details of environmental protection construction and the key points of post decoration protection into the formal contract text to protect their own rights and interests


has the seal or hydraulic part of the tensile testing machine been replaced □ "green product" recognize the "ten rings" sign

"first, look at the product, then ask the price, and buy it if appropriate." Faced with a variety of environmental protection gimmicks, most consumers said they did not know how to identify. Ms. Chen, who bought wardrobes in a furniture Square in Huizhou, said that the main material of the bedroom wardrobes is plates. If they are placed in the bedroom space for a long time, the most worry is that the plates are not environmentally friendly. But when asked how to measure whether it is environmental protection, Ms. Chen said she was not sure, "when you can't distinguish, just choose something with a higher price, hoping to buy a reassurance."

there are also consumers who try to search for environmentally friendly homes on the Internet, but when shopping in the market, they find that there are too many standards for ordinary consumers to understand

Yan Xiaobo said that some building materials merchants advocate that their products are green products based on the "national standard". "Insiders know that 'national standard' is not equal to 'green'. The national standard is only the access standard for interior decoration materials to enter the market. If you fail to meet this standard, you will not be qualified to enter the market, and the requirements for green environmental protection products are higher." Building materials merchants describe the national standards as green environmental protection, including nexus4 and oppo R1, which are still active in the market, which is suspected of deliberately misleading consumers

learned from Huizhou decoration design industry association that at present, in the certification of household products, the environmental protection certification of household products in the market has the highest gold content is the China Environmental Label Product Certification (ten ring certification), which is the only environmental certification held by the State Environmental Protection Administration. Products with the "ten rings" mark issued by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Commission can be called "green products" only if the quality of the products is guaranteed

industry insiders said that the greening and environmental protection standards are quite strict. At present, there are not many real green environmental protection products in the home decoration market, and the products labeled "green" and "environmental protection" in the market are just make up numbers. Consumers should choose carefully when buying green environmental protection products

□ purchasing skills

we already know that we need to look at the test report when purchasing environmentally friendly materials. Some people may also ask, how to choose the specific materials for each project

① it is not suitable to use artificial board for wall decoration in a large area

try not to use artificial board series materials for wall decoration in a large area, so as not to introduce a large amount of formaldehyde into the home. It is usually a good choice to brush water-based paint after the original wall is plastered, which is now very popular. Many high-quality and environment-friendly latex paints have changeable colors to bring fresh and healthy feelings to the room, but don't superstitious about the word "green" on the paint packaging. You should carefully read the quality inspection report of the product, and also pay attention to whether the express signs on the packaging barrel are complete

a new generation of pollution-free and environmental friendly wallpapers can also be used on the wall, and even natural wallpapers with natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk and so on, as the substrate

② natural stones are used on the ground to guard against radioactive elements

there are a wide range of ground materials, such as floor tiles, natural stones, wood floors, carpets, etc. If natural stones are used in a large area of the room, materials that have been tested to be free of radioactive elements should be selected

floor tiles generally have no problem. Although they have certain radiation, they are still much safer than some natural stones. According to the inspection of relevant departments, the qualified rate of floor tiles in environmental protection is very high, with an average of 90%

before selecting composite floor or chemical fiber carpet, you should carefully check the corresponding product instructions. The decisive indicator of floor environmental protection is "formaldehyde emission". Green floor refers to the products with "ten rings" logo, which is far lower than the national standard in terms of formaldehyde emission. In general, "wangwanjie said, the environmental protection coefficient of natural materials such as solid wood flooring and bamboo wood flooring is relatively high

③ gypsum board ceiling is relatively environmentally friendly

the floor height of the room is generally not high, so it is usually not suitable for the ceiling. It is safest to brush water-based paint after the original ceiling is plastered

if the ceiling needs to be made locally or as a whole, it is also an environmentally friendly way to replace the wooden keel plywood with gypsum board, calcium silicate board, etc

④ water based paint is the most environmentally friendly

the most commonly used finishing materials for wood products are all kinds of paints, which may cause harm to the living environment. According to the current market, water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly. At present, the majority of domestic paints are nitrocellulose paint and polyurethane paint, and the majority of waterborne paints are imported

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