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Chaos in the home market the industry calls on the government to strengthen supervision and sampling

chaos in the home market the industry calls on the government to strengthen supervision and sampling

November 25th, 2016 reading: in the tensile experiment source: Zhonghua doors and windows | submission

[China paint information] with the improvement of people's living standards, at present, the general public in addition to paying attention to the quality of home products, There are also higher requirements for "environmental protection, low carbon, green and health". However, the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde in the market still occurs from time to time. According to many consumers, it is not only the formaldehyde content that exceeds the standard, but also the household products sold on the market have many problems. In this regard, the industry called on the government to strengthen supervision and sampling

the home market is full of chaos, which is mainly manifested in three aspects:

first, the product specification is not standardized. Some furniture enterprises, including some well-known brands, do not have product instructions or product testing reports, and some product instructions are incomplete and nonstandard. As early as 2004, China has made it mandatory for furniture to be equipped with product instructions, and made clear provisions on the contents of the instructions

second, formaldehyde exceeded the standard. This problem has become a common phenomenon in the furniture industry. In recent years, in order to reduce the excessive use of natural raw materials, wood panel furniture has gradually become the main force of the furniture industry. Because wood panel furniture materials use man-made boards, the formaldehyde content is far more than that of solid wood furniture, and those exceeding the standard seriously affect normal life and endanger health

third, it is difficult to handle complaints. At present, it is difficult to detect the super material standard of furniture formaldehyde. There are very few local qualified testing institutions, and the testing cost is not cheap. The cost of safeguarding rights is relatively high. Even if you complain, it is difficult to get satisfactory results

in this regard, insiders put forward three suggestions:

1 Relevant departments should strengthen the supervision and investigation of the furniture industry. For products without product instructions, they should be ordered to rectify within a time limit, and those who do not rectify should be punished in accordance with the law

2. Strengthen the sampling inspection of furniture sold in the market, and require merchants to recall products that exceed the standard of formaldehyde. It is strictly prohibited to sell them in the market

3 Guided by the government and led by the industry and the market, we should establish and promote the first compensation system, restrict the business behavior, and solve the problems of difficult consumer complaints, difficult claims settlement, winning the "lawsuit", and difficult operation of all machines

expert voice:

1 The furniture market is indeed full of chaos. The government has increased its supervision and sampling efforts, especially to clean up and rectify small furniture workshops operated without licenses, and severely crack down on illegal acts of producing and selling fake and shoddy products. Establish and improve the consumer rights protection network, and comprehensively promote the first compensation work in the professional furniture market. The furniture industry should implement a strict quality inspection and listing system, strengthen industry self-discipline, and carry out the construction of honest brands

2. There are two ways to solve quality problems, and we should do both. On the one hand, strictly regulate the access mechanism of product production; on the other hand, strictly inspect and supervise

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