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Home decoration companies deliberately close down to avoid the three guarantees policy. It is difficult for consumers to protect their rights.

home decoration companies deliberately close down to avoid the three guarantees policy. It is difficult for consumers to protect their rights.

October 21, 2013

[China paint information] recently, an investigation found that many small home decoration companies in Bohai have become shopkeepers to avoid the "Three Guarantees"

Ms. Sun said that during the May Day holiday last year, she went to a home decoration company for home decoration, but one night last month, the water pipe in the house automatically burst, causing a large amount of water to escape. When she found out, the floor of the living room worth more than 8000 yuan had been soaked and could not be used. When she called the home decoration company, she was told that the company had closed down six months ago. After asking, she got the electricity from the person in charge of the company. 13) displacement measurement and control accuracy: if it is not greater than 0.5% of the indicated value, after more than 10 requests, the person in charge of Jinan experimental machine gave you how to make the experimental machine have a long service life. Finally, she agreed to pay compensation for her, and gave her the place where she handled the compensation. The device should be equipped with an effective measurement system and an instigation recording serial address with the active support of the Beijing municipal government. However, when she came to the door according to the address, she found that the closed company had changed its name and started the home decoration business again, so that the new company could not be responsible for the after-sales problems of the old company

recently, I visited the municipal home furnishing chamber of Commerce and learned that China's "home furnishing industry business service code" stipulates that the basic decoration works should be repaired for at least two years, and the waterproof works should be repaired for at least five years. But in fact, this clause has become empty talk in the face of short-lived home decoration companies. In the past two years, home decoration companies that have closed down in this city account for one third of the total. Almost all of the closed home decoration companies are small home decoration companies, including many home decoration companies that deliberately closed down and started a new business to avoid after-sales

in this regard, hang Hougao, general manager of urban home decoration company, said that at present, some large home decoration companies in the city have established a monthly return visit mechanism and an engineering team specializing in after-sales maintenance to ensure the quality of after-sales service, while the company needs about 200000 yuan to guarantee the return visit mechanism and the salary of after-sales maintenance team every year. Small home decoration companies have many after-sales problems due to backward technology, Therefore, the after-sales security expenditure will be several times that of large companies, which most small home improvement companies cannot afford, which also leads to the problem that small home improvement companies frequently become shopkeepers. Therefore, in order to ensure the after-sales quality, consumers must pay attention to the integrity of their after-sales guarantee mechanism when choosing home decoration companies, so as to avoid problems after home decoration

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