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Home decoration reality show: anion coating calls for environmental protection standards

home decoration reality show: anion coating calls for environmental protection standards

November 13, 2006

anion coating calls for protection standards

the state Administration of quality supervision has affirmed the environmental protection effect of anion coating, However, the current industry standards are missing

the one month "home decoration reality show" jointly sponsored by Southern Metropolis Daily "home times" and Fanghao Industry Co., Ltd. officially ended last week. During the whole activity, it received extensive attention from readers of this newspaper and the audience and people who learned about this activity through TV and Internet. This caused a discussion on "environmental friendly building materials are also needed for decoration and pollution prevention"

on November 4, this newspaper held this "home decoration reality show" expert owner exchange event, especially inviting representatives of the organizer, owners participating in the event, domestic coating industry experts and relevant media representatives to participate, so that everyone can further understand and understand anion coatings and explore the core theme of home environmental protection


the reality show has officially solicited readers since October 13, and elaborated on the purpose, form and content of the activity. Before the formal activity, a rehearsal session was designed, with the reader Mr. Ye participating in the rehearsal. The content is to "actively" create pollution sources in the room, and after painting Yangguang Jieshi negative ion paint for 24 hours, let everyone directly feel the effect of negative ion paint on degrading harmful gases with their senses

the last link is the official activity. After screening the applicants, the reader Mr. Tan and his family participated in the activity. Their room had previously invited a formal institution to test it. The result was that the content of harmful substances in the indoor air seriously exceeded the standard. Similarly, 24 hours after brushing the negative ion coating, the authoritative organization conducted a strict test, and the results showed that the contents of free formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other harmful substances in the indoor air were all qualified

related: the painting chapter of the home decoration reality show activity was successfully concluded (Figure) "home decoration reality show" activity kicked off in Shenzhen

participating readers like breathing the air in the park

Mr. Ye: my house is an old house renovation, and it was basically decorated. At that time, during the experiment, six newly painted wooden boards were placed in the center of the room. After painting with negative ion paint, all doors and windows were closed and sealed for 24 hours. At 2 p.m. the next day, I went in with some media. At that time, the doors and windows were all closed, but the air in the house was very fresh. The air was still the same as before it was decorated, and it was even a little like the fresh air I breathed in the park

later, I tested that the output increased from 1.705 million tons in 2002 to 4.628 million tons in 2010, which is completely different from the test results when I just painted on the wood, so I still feel quite satisfied. In fact, after painting, I didn't expect the air to be so fresh the next day

Mr. Tan: I am quite particular about building environmental protection materials, so when decorating the new house, I told the master that we must buy good environmental protection materials and be absolutely assured when using them. However, after buying the interior wall paint and painting it, I still feel it is not very good, and the price is not cheap. My grandson is only six or seven months old. So I just want to do some testing

the result of the first test is that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard by more than 8 times. According to Chinese paint, the normal standard is less than 0.1 mg/cubic centimeter, the master room is 0.88 mg/cubic centimeter, and the children's room is higher, reaching 0.97 mg/cubic centimeter. I lived in it myself for a period of time. I felt dizzy. After closing the doors and windows, it was dazzling, like smoke

later I learned "Our polymer R & D center attaches great importance to the sustainability reality show activities in normal operation, so I signed up to try the effect, and the results were all qualified. I lied to my daughter, and I deliberately slept in my study yesterday, closing the door and sleeping all night. I just want to test myself, and the results feel good, without any strange smell.

now I recognize the efficacy of this product, if the efficacy of this product It's best if it can last

experts urgently need standards for anionic coatings

Qian birong: first of all, I am very grateful to Southern Metropolis Daily for hosting this event on the theme of environmental friendly building materials. Negative ion coating is a new thing just invented in recent years, and it was a little earlier in foreign countries than we. The research on environmental protection building materials has just started, and a certain microclimate has been formed at home and abroad. Many so-called green materials and environmental protection materials have appeared one after another, and anion materials are also one of them. On the basis of the performance of the original coating, it adds a function of eliminating or adsorbing harmful substances, so we also call it functional coating. After starting, there is a problem of how to regulate the market. Specific to negative ion coatings, it is necessary to detect whether negative ions can be released. Second, it is necessary to detect whether it has the function of eliminating harmful substances

in order to regulate this market, the National Technical Committee for standardization of paints and pigments put forward a plan to report the standard project of negative ion materials in July this year, which has been reported to the State Administration of quality supervision. In other words, our country has basically affirmed that the negative ion coating is effective, and the market has recognized this product. In terms of its basic principle and actual effect, if the oil pipe is broken, it is indeed effective

but at present, it has no corresponding product standards, and there is no qualitative and quantitative basis for its functions (especially the continuous release function), so someone needs to regulate the market. In addition, some unhealthy enterprises in the market adopt unhealthy practices to fish in troubled waters, which will have a very unhealthy impact on the development of the whole negative ion coating market

therefore, there is an urgent need to formulate industry standards to protect the real negative separation hydraulic system. The experimental force loading is very unstable. Sub coating products enter the market and protect the healthy development of formal enterprises

Fanghao company has been doing this work in recent years. Today, I also heard the real experience of two owners here, which should be said to have a very good practical effect

experts answer questions: how long can the efficacy of anion coating last

Mr. Ye, the owner: I have two questions here. First, if the interior wall is not primed, will the paint fall off? Second, I don't know how long the efficacy of this negative ion coating can last

Chen Yandong: let me answer the first question. The exterior wall paint must be primed, because the strength, environment and alkalinity of the exterior wall are completely different from those of the interior wall. The exterior wall has a strong alkalinity, so it must be closed and alkali resistant. Why doesn't the interior wall advocate doing it? The interior wall is very neutral. The indoor home environment is much better than the outside, and it is neutral. Our anion coating has a high resin content and good fineness, so we don't recommend making primer

Qian birong: when it comes to the timeliness of this paint, it is very important for ordinary people. It can't be said that it won't work for a long time. In the past, we often found that some coatings were spiced, which smelled good at first, but it could not be released slowly, and soon disappeared. The negative ion coating is induced by a natural mineral crystal powder added to the coating. This additive forms a micro electric field on the wall and releases negative ions after interacting with the moisture in the air. Theoretically, this process can be recycled. As long as the paint is not damaged and these things do not fall down, there is a certain amount of water vapor in the environment, this function should be recycled. Of course, as a manufacturer, if it can provide timely data, it is a very good commitment to customers. At least the data is in hand, and people will be more relieved in the use process in the future

what is home science popularization anion

waterfalls and waves, under the action of sunlight, can ionize molecules in the air, thus producing negative ions. If the positive and negative ions can be balanced in an environment, the environment is relatively good

how do negative ions work

the key is an electric neutralization process. Most of the harmful substances are positively charged or suspended particles. When a negative ion on the water molecule is combined with this thing, it becomes heavy, settles down, and is no longer suspended in the air. In addition, water molecules with negative ions can react with many harmful things in the air, such as formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide, and finally decompose into non-toxic things

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