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Natural stone is an indispensable decoration material for home decoration, but it is also easy to become a link ignored by students. Natural stone is also a typical non brand material in home decoration. I remember earlier that Shimei told me about her understanding of stone. A classic sentence is: "things are good things, but unfortunately no one proves them." Therefore, we can only see "Fengzhen black, Jinan green, Xinjiang red, big flower green" in the building materials market, but not "Fengzhen black of XX brand". 1、 Natural

natural stone is an indispensable decoration material for home decoration, but it is also easy to become a link ignored by students. Natural stone is also a typical non brand material in home decoration. I remember earlier that Shimei told me about her understanding of stone. A classic sentence is: "things are good things, but unfortunately no one proves them." Therefore, we can only see "Fengzhen black, Jinan green, Xinjiang red, big flower green" in the building materials market, but not "Fengzhen black of XX brand"

I. classification of natural stones (I) natural stones for decoration are mainly marble and granite. 1. About granite: granite is a kind of plate developed from natural rock mass and processed. It is characterized by high hardness, pressure resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and large self weight; 2. About marble: marble is metamorphic rock with smooth surface. Compared with granite, marble is rich in color and clear in texture. It is mostly used in high-end decorative Engineering, but the hardness of marble is low and easy to fracture

II. Problems that should be paid attention to in choosing natural stones (I) granite and marble 1. When it comes to stones, students are most concerned about the radioactivity of stones. In fact, any substance in the world has radioactivity, but some radiation cannot cause harm to human body. The radioactivity of stones used in small-scale home decoration generally will not cause damage to human body; 2. In contrast: the radioactivity of granite is greater than that of marble. The commonly used "Fengzhen black, China black and Jinan green" all belong to granite, but they are relatively "safe" stones, so you can use them with confidence; 3. The radioactivity of stone is divided into three levels a, B and C according to its radium emission equivalent concentration. Only A-level stone can be used for home decoration; 4. The price of commonly used stones is about: Jinan qing60 yuan/square meter; China black 90 yuan/square meter; Fengzhenhei 110 yuan/square meter. However, one thing to be clear with you is that Jinan green with good quality may not be as good as Fengzhen black. Only Jinan green stone market is generally relatively common; 5. When buying stone, the merchant may ask you the width of the material. Generally speaking, the stone below 1.5 meters is based on the price I said above; For stones above 1.5 meters, the merchants may increase the price appropriately. However, when I bought a 170 cm counter in the bathroom, the merchant didn't raise the price for me; 6. When I mentioned the "additional cost" above, I mentioned the "additional cost" of natural stone and glass. The cost of natural stone is generally calculated by 20% of the loss. For example, if you buy fengzhenhei with an area of 1 square meter, the merchant should pay by 1.2 square meters. If you don't ask this section, you may be calculated by 1.3 square meters when you check out; 7. There are many ways to process natural stones, and merchants generally have to calculate the cost, such as edging (specific to unilateral or bilateral grinding), diagonal, tangential, hollowing, etc. if the road is far, some merchants also need to add delivery fees. The processing methods I mentioned above may not be used in the processing process. The merchants will give you suggestions when they come to the door for measurement; 8. Stone merchants usually come to the door for actual measurement before processing stones. Students should ask the merchants to quote you a price first, including the total price and the specific unit price of each item, and even how to calculate it. In the late stage of decoration, many students were really tired of decoration, and they were very happy when paying the money. The workers paid the full price immediately after the total price was quoted. During my decoration, workers "miscalculated" more than once or twice. Therefore, it is suggested that it is better to clarify; 9. In the extension edge grinding treatment of balcony and bathroom counter tops, responsible businesses will ask you whether to grind 1/2 circle or 1/4 circle, and the charges for both should be the same. Commonly used is grinding 1/2 circle, which is relatively beautiful; 10. The most suitable place to buy stones for small areas is actually the building materials market closest to your new house, and the price is not too expensive. I asked the master who makes windowsills for my family. He said that the selling price of stones they wholesale from the market is really much lower than that of the building materials City, and what they earn is mainly processing fees. In fact, many businesses still charge 20% of consumables, but last time I went to Chengda building materials market, the stone merchants there didn't charge consumables, dizzy! Let's see our luck; 11. The most commonly used natural stones for home decoration are mainly black, and the most common varieties are Jinan green, China black and Fengzhen black, especially Fengzhen black. My windowsill, bathroom counter top and shower bar are all Fengzhen black; 12. Before choosing stones, you'd better go to the stone market and ask the merchants to teach you how to distinguish stones. A neighbor's house was decorated, and the merchant's dyed Jinan green pretended to be Chinese black. The method to distinguish whether to dye is: look at the cut and bottom. The dyed stone is black as a whole because it has been soaked, while under normal circumstances, the cut and bottom are white gray. Of course, I think the best way is the one I taught "Chen Zhima" in my last post; 13. Natural stones are often used in windowsills and other places. Special customized ones such as bathroom cabinets in the bathroom, water blocking strips in the shower mentioned above, and natural stones are also used in the cabinets of some classmates' homes

14. Dr. floor made a special introduction to stones in the last decoration lecture. I stood at the door and listened to it. After coming back, I recorded the following experience based on my impression: (1) the radiation of most stones in the market will not be harmful to human body, and the amount of home decoration itself is not large, so students can use it with confidence; (2) Generally speaking, the darker the color of stones, the stronger the radiation, but it does not refer to stones such as "Fengzhen black" and "China black", but mainly for stones dominated by red; (3) Rhododendron produced in Liaoning is a stone with serious radiation in the stone market, which should be carefully selected; (4) For students who are going to use natural stone for the countertop of the cabinet, it should be emphasized that granite should be used instead of marble. Because the hardness of marble is lower than that of granite, it is easy to break when chopping vegetables and meat on the marble console in the future; (5) On the Internet, the Shanghai stone market says a lot, but the Shanghai Pacific stone market recommended by the doctor is more worth going to. The stone with 30 or 40 yuan per square meter over there is much better quality than the vitrified brick with more than 100 yuan; (6) Stone is widely used abroad. Among the imported stones, the quality of Shaanna beige is very good, but it is expensive, which costs 700 or 800 yuan per square meter; (7) It is also a crack. For granite, it is an accident. For marble, it can be filled with marble glue and polished with special sandpaper; (8) The greater the color difference of marble with rich colors and clear texture, the greater the difference in texture, the greater the difference in composition, and then the greater the difference in physical properties. The conclusion is that cracks, fractures and other phenomena are more likely to occur. Black and white marble is particularly obvious. (2) Maybe many students don't know what bluestone is, but it's not surprising that my friends and classmates around me almost didn't use bluestone for home decoration. Earlier, I learned that bluestone was such a thing by looking at the pictures of Shimei's bathroom. Through my following introduction, you might as well stop by to inspect bluestone slab when you turn to the stone market. Maybe you will like it. 1. Bluestone was once one of the projects I focused on. Compared with the places I turned, Sihui bluestone has complete models and low prices, and the smallest size is 5 × 15 cm, 10 more × 15、10 × 20,15 × 20,15 × 30,20 × 30 (unit: cm) and other models. 2. The smaller the size of bluestone slab, the lower the price. five × The lowest price of 15cm is 12 yuan/square meter. The floor of Shimei's bathroom is made of bluestone. If I remember the size correctly, it seems to be 20*30 (there are pictures on the Internet). 3. The method of paving bluestone slabs on the ground is no different from that of paving tiles, but there are two points that must be paid attention to: first, bluestone slabs must be paved staggered. Generally, bricklayers have experience, which is the same as the paving of long and small bricks on the balcony wall; Second, after paving the bluestone slab, you must brush varnish twice to seal the surface, otherwise the surface of the bluestone slab will peel off layer by layer over time. 4. Because the price of bluestone is much cheaper than floor tiles, I went to Shanghai mainly with bluestone. The reason why I didn't choose bluestone later was mainly because I didn't dare to take risks: first, the dark green bluestone floor is more retro, so the wall should also have a corresponding echo. In my head, I repeatedly imagined the decoration effect of my bathroom wall with bluestone floor, and the conclusion is: not ideal. Second, there is also an inevitable disadvantage of bluestone slab, that is, nest ash, and its nest ash ability is far stronger than that of antique floor tiles. In the future, cleaning is a problem. If bluestone slab is used for balcony, the wall surface is not well matched. In the future, the cleaning of the ground is also a trouble. Because I didn't want to spend money to buy trouble, I finally gave up the idea of paving bluestone on the ground





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