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Few people will notice the geomantic omen of bathroom decoration in the house, but in fact, how the geomantic omen of bathroom affects the geomantic aura of home, which will affect our fortune more or less. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth fortune, you have to pay attention to the geomantic omen of bathroom decoration and avoid the taboos in bathroom decoration geomantic omen; So in Feng Shui, what are the taboos about Feng Shui in the decoration of houses and toilets? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

taboos about Feng Shui in toilet decoration of houses

What taboos about Feng Shui in toilet decoration of houses

first, the toilet should not be in the center of the house

the toilet cannot be set on the four main lines and four corner lines of the house, and the special envoy is in the center of the house. This will not only pollute the home, but also pollute the house in all directions, which is not conducive to the health of the family. It is best to redecorate and adjust

second, the bathroom is set in the kitchen

you can enter the bathroom and toilet only after passing through the kitchen. This pattern is a major taboo in Feng Shui. It is like eating food and excreting it in the stomach without absorption. Everything is doing white work. Therefore, it will cause problems in the absorption system of the large intestine, and the money in the family cannot be retained

III. the bathroom is set under the stairs

the stairs are only suitable for clearance, landscaping or as a storage room. If a half set of bathroom is used as a guest in the living room, it will not only look shabby and make toilet users uncomfortable, but also have a negative impact on family reputation and interpersonal relationships

fourth, the bathroom is designed to be semi open or fully open

many people like to count the bathroom in the small suite or master bedroom as open or semi open, so that the home, such as a five-star hotel, feels very comfortable and luxurious. However, this will integrate the whole house with the bathroom, which will not only hurt the kidney and urinary system, but also sink the singles living in small suites into the life of one night stands; However, married couples will have different dreams in the same bed, and then divorce

v. the bathroom floor is higher than the living room

the bathroom floor is higher than the living room floor, and sewage and dirt gas will naturally flow to the living room. Although there is a threshold, it still penetrated in the past, causing the deformation and mildew of the floor tiles in the living room, which led to a decline in wealth

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1 The bed at home cannot face the door of the bathroom directly, which will cause residents to often not go home

2. The door of the bathroom cannot be directly opposite the door of the home, because the foul air of the bathroom will flow with the air flow of the door, which will lead to the phenomenon of money leakage

3. The bed in the home cannot face the bathroom horizontally, which will affect the marital relationship between husband and wife and each other's health

4. The bathroom can't be too close to the door, which will easily lead to money loss, and family members will have a lot of disputes. Often closing the door of the bathroom is also a solution

5. The wall of the bathroom is not suitable to be close to the head of the bed, otherwise the members of the family are prone to gossip and provoke villains

6. The bathroom is suitable to choose bright colors, not gray, black, blue and other gloomy colors

7. The bathroom is not suitable to be built in the kitchen, which will lead to family members prone to gastrointestinal diseases, or even chronic illness

8. The bathroom should be kept clean and tidy, so that it is not easy to accumulate Yin Qi

9. The bathroom is not suitable to be built in the middle of the house, that is, in the middle of the house, which will lead to more family pain and money loss

10. The bathroom cannot face the dining room directly, which will lead to family disharmony

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teaches you how to have financial luck

how to have partial financial luck

1. No matter what kind of partial financial luck is the result of giving priority to others in information or contacts. In other words, as the saying goes, hitting a noble person to help, so you must first have a backer in geomantic omen, otherwise partial financial luck is not prosperous. Ditian Jushi suggests that you check whether there is a backer geomantic defeat at home or in the office

2. In geomantic omen, water is wealth, so making water in your place is also your favorite fortune. Friends who want to make their favorite fortune prosperous can choose more workplaces with lakes, ponds or fountains in the southeast or southwest. Ditian lay believes that such houses are more profitable than wealth, and it is easy to bring cross fortune to work or live here. [north-south house]

3. Friends who want to be lucky in money should keep their state of being always new. In this way, it is easy to be lucky in money. The simplest is to keep the stove at home always new, and keep their wallets and wallets or carry on trading tools constantly new or perfect. In this way, it is easy to be lucky in money

4. You can use some Feng Shui items to promote fortune, or put them at home or wear them with you, which can improve your fortune. You can use some Feng Shui items that are more profitable in nature, such as natural Topaz products [it must be professional or natural to have an effect, and many friends are often not rigorous in this regard]

5. Accumulate virtue and do good deeds, which is also a way to improve fortune. The so-called virtue and wealth coordination, It is difficult for people who are too stingy or stingy to have much money luck, because the money they get from money must be returned to the society in order to continue, otherwise they will go as much as they come. A person's money luck is often related to his mind and good fortune. It is not often seen in life that friends who can spend money can also earn money, but friends who refuse to spend money often have less money

how to make your fortune

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