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Deng Deng ~ ~ in the expectation of thousands of people, "yearning for life 3" premiered again. Peng Yuchang, the double strong partners of Huang Lei and he Jiong, and Zhang Zifeng's mutual love and connection made people see that they often overflowed with happiness like this

Deng Deng ~

in the expectation of the public

yearning for life 3 premiered again

double strong partner of Huang Lei and he Jiong

the mutual love and connection between Peng Yuchang and Zhang Zifeng

let people see

there is often a sense of happiness overflowing

such freedom Casual lifestyle

don't need too much decoration and constraints


achieve an open enjoyment space

how can there be less

Cohen kitchen electrical products at this moment of enjoyment

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the "fighting machine" d109

kitchen art is extraordinary, win with "quality"

only create a safe and comfortable healthy kitchen for users

high appearance, 'quality' creates a new experience

the "fighting machine" d109

in the kitchen world subverts the boring style of ordinary integrated kitchen stoves

"t" Type design

creates a smooth and dynamic proportion

catches lampblack homeopathy

makes lampblack have nowhere to escape

super large storage space

effectively improves the space utilization of the stove

always keeps the stove clean

the soft

18 bead LED light patch under the storage platform

is set off at the smoke deflector and the table

has a different flavor

full touch control panel

combined with purple dynamic atmosphere light

shows ten The strong breath of modern technology

reflects the grasp of users' aesthetic needs

the configuration has bright spots, 'quality' can maximize

the "fighting machine" d109

145 ° head interlock design in the kitchen

prevent water from flowing into the interior of the smoke bin

all Teflon material wind wheel

oil smoke is easy to wipe

faster smoking and less noise

fully enclosed pure copper motor

more powerful, Lasting and more stable

longer service life

dual sterilization function

100% bacterial eradication rate

always ensure that tableware is safe and clean

the core of Cohen appliances is always to grasp and meet user needs

achieve "quality" win

continue to make breakthroughs and development




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