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Furniture size is one of the skills that must be obtained before furniture purchase. First measure the purchased area, then plan the location and quantity of furniture according to the size of each major furniture, and finally purchase to achieve a nearly perfect and error free effect. The household area of small house type is smaller than that of normal house type, and the purchase of small house type furniture should be selected with caution


single chair replaces single sofa. Instead of trying to expand the living room area, we might as well choose a suitable sofa

the living room with a face width of 3-4 meters is suitable for a three person sofa, with a length of 2.1-2.3 meters and a depth of 80-90 cm. If it's a living room less than 3 meters wide, it's changed into a double sofa or two single seat sofas

in order to pursue the feeling of a large living room, many designers will ask the owner to add two single seat sofas or a double seat sofa, which is unnecessary. Because the three seat sofa is already the protagonist of the whole space, and then filling in the single seat sofa will only dominate, and even make the living room seem crowded. The most suitable substitute is two single chairs, which can be different in color and fabric from the three seat sofa. The most suitable arrangement is to put one beside the tea table and the other beside the TV cabinet

another easy to be ignored is the size of TV. Similarly, in order to pursue the effect of a large living room, most people love to buy large televisions, and some televisions in small apartments even reach 46 inches

tea table

rectangular tea table can be selected for small family living room. Compared with round and square shapes, rectangular tea tables save more space, and they look more crisp. The length of tea table should not exceed the length of sofa, and 1000px is the best. The small family living room can choose the foldable tea table, which not only has a simple and beautiful shape, but also adds many functions, making the living room appear more spacious

TV cabinet

the living room of a small family is generally not large. The low cabinet, side cabinet and shelf will make the overall space more personalized, and the overall TV cabinet function is more practical. Although each has its own advantages, if there are many things in the home, it is recommended to use the practical overall TV cabinet - it often can also bear the function of part of the living room background wall

the distance between the TV in the living room and people is roughly determined to be more than twice the width of the selected TV, so if the living room is too small, you should not choose too large TV. For example, the standard width of a 55 inch TV is about 1.2-1.3m. If you multiply this ratio by two, the viewing distance is 2.4-2.6m. If the viewing distance is between 1.0-1.5m, you can choose a 40 inch TV

dining table

you might as well use your desk as a dining table. Some small family owners who prefer European and American furniture can choose a desk to make a dining table. This style of book desktop is usually more than 70 cm wide and more than 1.2 meters long, which is just placed in a small family restaurant

and owners who like round tables should not give up hope completely, because some round tables with a diameter of 1 meter are placed in large houses. They are just a supporting role in the living room, but they can play a leading role in small houses

the number of chairs should be controlled at 3-4. The materials should be lighter than the table. Plastic, metal and rattan are good choices

Xiaobian has always believed that it is easier and more choices to choose furniture for small houses


1.6 meter bed, which seems to be a non-existent size, but there are ready-made ones in furniture stores. This size comes from Europe. Originally, the mattresses in Europe were divided into three levels: 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters and 2 meters

the master bedroom of a small family is usually not small, and can barely put down a 1.8-meter big bed, but someone then complained: "there are many small things missing, no dresser, no bedside table, no small sofa."

it can be changed into a 1.5m bed, which wastes space in vain. Xiaobian felt from her own experience that a 1.6-meter-wide bed is more suitable for Chinese families




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