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Weichai group: intelligentization makes a new benchmark of made in China

Weichai group: intelligentization makes a new benchmark of made in China

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in recent years, Weichai group has made remarkable achievements in information construction. The Ministry of industry and Information Technology awarded Weichai "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration base" and "national informatization and industrialization deep integration demonstration enterprise". Weichai group is building an intelligent manufacturing mode with Weichai characteristics by embracing the safety shelter provided by the Internet base for local test products and operators, relying on the intelligent manufacturing demonstration base and digital workshop, and accelerating the construction of Weichai intelligent factory and industrial interconnection planning, leading the enterprise in the forefront of intelligent manufacturing

Weichai Power actively applied for the 2016 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode application project of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and was successfully selected as the "construction of high-end diesel engine intelligent factory based on equipment intelligence and industrial big data". In early August, we received a notice from Shandong Provincial Department of finance that Weichai intelligent manufacturing special project was approved with a national special subsidy of 90million yuan

realize intelligent transformation

in order to cope with the rapid growth of customization demand, Weichai group urgently needs to improve the operation quality and efficiency, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise to product service and intelligence

"five years ago, our entire new product development cycle took 32~36 months. Now we have reduced the development cycle of a new product to 24 months..." wangzhijian, President of Weichai Engine Research Institute, gave such a group of figures. Relying on information technology and integrating global R & D forces, Weichai group has developed 300 new product models every year, 10 times as many as before last year

it is reported that Weichai group has continuously optimized and upgraded its existing equipment. At present, 11 fully automatic equipment have been upgraded. Such as the automatic loading manipulator of the cylinder block, the automatic tightening of the main bearing bolts, and the special machine for detecting the rotating torque and axial clearance; The new intelligent equipment can improve the assembly efficiency and prevent mistakes. For example, the four valve WP10 cylinder head component automatic assembly line is developed, and the line is equipped with automatic lock clamp press fitting machine and lock clamp leakage detection equipment, as well as automatic cylinder head turnover machine and other equipment

using sensing technologies and devices, such as sensors, positioning systems, etc., to build a workshop level industrial communication network of the intelligent factory, so as to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. However, the oscillation occurring in the transportation process is difficult to avoid various production factors in the factory, which facilitates the remote maintenance and operation, real-time configuration and optimization, and refined management of the production process of the intelligent factory

improve the competitiveness of the supply chain

Weichai group improves production through intelligent equipment upgrading. Its working principle is to control the electromechanical efficiency by the servo system, so as to improve the overall competitiveness of the intelligent supply chain. Through comprehensive coordination with upstream and downstream enterprises, reduce supply chain costs, shorten supply cycle, improve supply quality, and continuously improve supply chain competitiveness

in the production and manufacturing process, Weichai spared no effort to build a "smart factory", orderly promoted the organic combination of interconnection and industrial production, widely popularized robots in key processes, and implemented intelligent manufacturing throughout the whole process of product production. "Our understanding of intelligent manufacturing is not limited to the intellectualization, automation and digitalization of production equipment, but also extends to the operation of the whole enterprise. That is, we use the Internet to connect all business ends of the group and promote the upgrading of production factors from 'primary physical connection' to 'intelligent IOT', so as to realize information sharing and high integration of resources." Caozhiyue, director of Weichai Power informatization, said

tanxuguang, chairman of Weichai group, said that Weichai will make use of the technological advantages of "Internet +" to further strengthen research and development, integrate the R & D resources of "five countries and ten places", as well as multiple national technology centers and world-class product laboratories, and establish a complete continuous R & D innovation system and achievement sharing mechanism, Gather global wisdom to provide high-quality products for new product development. The following Jinan Zhongbiao technicians will give you a detailed lecture on resources

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