The most popular Weibo carries out voluntary labor

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Weibo has carried out the volunteer work of "I make up for the park"

according to the spirit of Suwei (2010) No. 25 notice on carrying out the theme practice activities of revealing identity and creating good achievements, a party member is a driving force, the seventh branch has organized the volunteer work of Party members who make up for the park from the actual process of the company

development plan:

at 17:30 p.m. on October 15 and 18, 2010, the Party branch of the company organized two times of voluntary labor for all Party members of the company. Under the organization of the Party branch committee, the comrades were enthusiastic and moved quickly, and the painting work and logistics service work were carried out in a coordinated and orderly manner. The bright party flag leads the way. Wherever the flag goes, graphene is a single layer of graphite, and the curbstones are painted into striking yellow

the voluntary labor activity of Party members in our district with a registered capital of 22million US dollars received a positive response from the majority of Party members in the branch, and everyone actively participated in it, fully demonstrating the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members. The development of the company is closely related to the hard work of Party members, which is an epitome of taking the lead in promoting the cause with Party members. The seventh branch will carry out a series of similar practical and meaningful activities to train Party members in the activities, so that party members can become the leader of scientific research, production and operation of Weibo, the propagandist and supervisor of safety production management, the backbone of the staff and the new force to overcome difficulties, Finally, it will promote the sound and rapid development of the company and the smooth realization of the company's annual development goals

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