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Weichai has gone through 70 years to grow into a 100 billion state-owned enterprise aircraft carrier

Weichai has gone through 70 years to grow into a 100 billion state-owned enterprise aircraft carrier

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Weichai, a leading enterprise in China's equipment industry, has gone through 70 years and has grown into a 100 billion state-owned enterprise aircraft carrier in just 20 years. It is regarded as the epitome of the development of China's state-owned enterprises from planned economy to market economy, and is also a successful example of the reform of state-owned enterprises, The globalization of Weichai has also become a model for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. In recent years, Weichai has seized the opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" to export the value that is not suitable for China. At the same time, it has also cooperated with Weichai to add long carbon fiber global partners to the mixture to realize the common expansion of the international market

on the 70th anniversary of the founding of Weichai, the enterprise held an innovation and development conference to summarize its achievements and accept awards. It also put forward the goal of continuing reform and innovation, moving towards the high end and further promoting China's industrial brands to the top

tanxuguang: building a world manufacturing power is an important national strategy of China. We will go abroad with a more confident attitude, export Chinese values worldwide, tell Chinese stories, convey Chinese spirit, and create a golden brand made in China

Weichai's global partners also benefit from its international expansion and seizing the opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" initiative

albertglass, CEO of Faraday group: Weichai has opened up the Chinese market we have never set foot in. There is no doubt that Weichai has given us a lot of help and given us ready-made reputation and popularity

Joerg Ulrich, CEO of Linde hydraulic: I think both Weichai and we benefit from the 'the Belt and Road' connecting market, and we are easier to enter the new middle market and their own markets

Fabrizio Moz, general manager of France boduan: until a few years ago, 90% of our sales were limited to France, but the maintenance of Jinan Shijin oil source: now it is less than 10%, and being acquired by Weichai is the key for (boduan) to expand its international market

tanxuguang once said that Weichai is the pioneer of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, and Weichai's "one country, one policy" and localization strategy adapted to local conditions, coupled with the ultimate pursuit of professional technology, have changed the overseas prejudice against made in China

TS Joseph, sales director of Shandong heavy industry India Co., Ltd.: 10 years ago, Weichai or other Chinese brands were not well accepted in India, but now it can be seen that people accept Chinese products. The quality of Chinese engine products is world-class, which is why Chinese engine products can enter the most difficult American market

humankashanip, general manager of attached accessories of Weichai North America company: in fact, we are addressing the needs of the North American market. They need more natural gas fueled engines. I have been involved in the engine industry all my life. I always think it is remarkable that Weichai has always had the most high-end technology and has never had low-grade products

gordonlisk, CEO of Kaiao group: customers care more about the element of 'made in Weichai', which is the reputation brought by the quality of Weichai engines

so far, Weichai has established global operation centers in Germany, Italy, France, the United States and Singapore, engine production bases in India, Myanmar and other places, and trading companies in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other countries. Its products are sold to more than 110 countries and regions around the world. (this article is from Weichai)

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