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Weichai Binhai casting works day and night to ignite the passion for high yield in summer

Weichai Binhai casting works day and night to ignite the passion for high yield in summer. In a short period of one or two years, Weichai Binhai casting has cultivated a complete industrial daily passion for high yield.

generally, around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the passenger flow is larger than that of large countries. Construction machinery information

since January 2014, the sales of Weichai heavy machinery and medium speed machinery series products have risen rapidly, starting the machine temperature, and orders have poured in. In order to meet the market demand, Binhai foundry has increased its horsepower and its output has repeatedly reached a record high

in order to win the battle for high production, Binhai foundry urgently held a mobilization meeting, and the three workshops of molding, smelting and cleaning moved quickly to schedule production at full capacity. The front-line workers fought day and night against the high temperature in summer, playing a symphony of "chasing each other to meet high production and creating production capacity in the hot workshop"

Weichai Binhai foundry ignites the passion for high yield in summer

core workers: strength and wisdom fly together

when entering the production site, there is such a process - core assembling, with four or five workers in a group, shuttling back and forth in the rectangular operation area. At first glance, they don't feel anything special. In fact, this process contains strength and wisdom

take the 160 engine block as an example, each movement is composed of 6 large cylinder cores (each weighing 140 kg), 2 large leather cores (each weighing 92 kg) and 6 sets of string leather cores (each weighing 16 kg). More than 300 cores are produced in this process every day. During assembly, they need to manually lay down the sand core in good condition, then lift it with a special sling for cleaning, then put the clean sand core into the core mould, sequence the sand cores in turn, tighten the bolts manually, and finally lift the whole sand core with a crane into the mold cavity on the assembly line

this process requires not only great physical strength, but also wisdom and skills. When assembling cores, once the sand core position deviates, the whole machine body will be scrapped. Under the circumstances of high output and compact production pace, the core workers are under great pressure to not only exert all their strength, but also be bold, careful and quick. They can "lay down the core" accurately and quickly by virtue of experience and intuition

smelter: the "hottest" job in summer

every summer, the smelting workshop is a huge sauna. The workers here do the "hottest" job in the whole plant. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, or whether the temperature in the workshop is high or low, they must wear their own thickened tooling. This "equipment" technora para aramid fiber is OK in winter, but it is difficult to endure in summer. As soon as I entered the workshop, sweat would seep out from my skin. After a while, my clothes would be able to wring out a large pool of sweat. Looking at the shaping machines one by one, I don't know how much sweat of smelters has been poured inside

cleaners: they can't see the original appearance.

the cleaners in the cleaning workshop undertake the last process of casting production. They are mainly engaged in sand treatment and fine cleaning of castings, and a lot of dust will be generated in the process. In summer, the sweat is mixed with dust, and the workers and teachers instantly turn into colorful cat faces. Even if they go to the front, they can't see their original appearance. Master liuhaipeng, who cleaned up the workshop, joked: "we don't recognize each other by faces, but by voice and body shape."

"everyone gathers firewood with a high flame". Facing the current output task, Binhai foundry has always adhered to the principle of safety before high yield and quality before output, and reasonably adjusted the production pace and allocated personnel. At the busiest time, the cadres and workers of other posts also joined the ranks of mass production, and actively gave up the off-duty time. From the field maintenance, equipment maintenance and quality supervision, no one fell off the chain, and ignited the coastal industrial park in summer with fiery passion

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