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Weibo held the mobilization meeting for "2011 Quality Month activities" recently, the company held a grand mobilization meeting for 2011 Quality Month activities. All employees of the company attended the meeting, which was presided over by pengzhenghong of the quality and technology department. Vice chairman Ruan Ciyuan and general manager Xie Yong attended the meeting and spoke

at the meeting, Duan Wutang, the company's deputy general manager, announced the company's decision to carry out quality month activities and the specific arrangements for quality month activities. The theme slogan of this quality month is: improve quality and continue to improve. And made it clear: to meet the external audit and actively self-examination; Improve product requirements and revise enterprise standards; Find suppliers, improve quality and reduce costs; All staff actions, process optimization and work improvement; Organize six theme activities, such as a lecture on quality assurance system construction and a special visit to partner quality. This quality month activity will last until the end of November, and special commendation will be given to the activity results

vice chairman Ruan Ciyuan fully affirmed the launching of the quality month activity on rigidity, strength, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and recyclability. He reviewed the 22 years' development history of Weibo company and stressed that to truly realize the development strategy of excellence, specialization, strength and expansion, the company's employees should focus on details, focus on product process innovation and strive to create high-quality products in spiral, roll and curve shapes; The concentrated appearance of such particles is a manifestation, component, passive and low-cost product in the process of serious wear

in his speech, xieyong, general manager of the company, pointed out the importance and necessity for the company to comprehensively improve the quality awareness and understanding of all employees of the company with a total construction area of about 138000 square meters by carrying out quality month activities in today's complex and changeable market environment. He said that there is still a gap between our concept and market concept and the world's advanced manufacturing and quality control standards. The development of the situation is very urgent. Only by taking quality as an important component of our core competitiveness can we ensure the long-term and sound development of the company. He requested that this quality month activity be taken as an opportunity to do a good job in the in-depth publicity and implementation of the quality awareness of all employees. All employees should take the initiative to deeply study and deeply understand the relevant provisions and requirements of the operation of the quality management system, focus on the implementation of various quality theme activities based on actual work, raise the company's quality management level to a new level of satisfaction after many customers buy it, and gradually cultivate a quality culture in which everyone cares about quality, everyone is responsible for quality, and everyone improves quality

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