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Weichai's new attempt to cultivate the "the Belt and Road": we export "made in Weichai" in Myanmar

Weichai's new attempt to cultivate the "the Belt and Road": we export "made in Weichai" in Myanmar

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Myanmar is an important station for Weichai to distribute its overseas business. Since Weichai signed a technology export agreement with Myanmar in 2013, batches of Weichai people have arrived here with mature and reliable "made in Weichai"

part of Weichai Myanmar project

Myanmar project - Weichai's new "the Belt and Road" model

Myanmar has a weak industrial foundation and basically does not have the ability to independently produce diesel engines. According to the agreement, Weichai will export diesel engine manufacturing technology to Myanmar. In 2014, the first batch of locally assembled engines were successfully equipped on trucks assembled in Myanmar; By the end of 2015, 200 sets of diesel engine CKD parts were assembled; In June, 2016, the first cylinder block and cylinder head were successfully rolled off the production line and commissioned in the Myanmar factory. Myanmar gradually mastered the manufacturing process of key parts...

with the smooth progress of the work, the Myanmar project has become another attempt of Weichai to cultivate the "the Belt and Road" new model - technology licensing "VOC is a volatile organic compound that can be exported

the first cylinder body and cylinder head were off-line and successfully commissioned. Weichai residents in Myanmar expressed their joy.

there are 17 members of the project team resident in Myanmar factory. They are responsible for technical support and assist Myanmar personnel to master the casting, machining, assembly and other processes of key parts

zhanggengsheng, assistant general manager of Weichai, and Xuehua, general manager of Singapore Co., Ltd., visited us in Myanmar, encouraging us to make concerted efforts to make lulianzhu, the early sunset of the project, a real "leader" of the team, responsible for the coordination and scheduling of the whole work; Zhangyongqing, the Engineer in charge of the casting project in Myanmar factory, was affectionately called the "logistics minister" by his partners. He took care of the big and small affairs in his life in an orderly manner, and could clearly remember the birthdays of every team member; Songhaiyang, the deputy team leader, is the "Minister of transportation" of everyone. Both the new team members who have just come from China and the old team members who want to return home are personally picked up and escorted by this conscientious "minister" under the leadership of the provincial leading group for major project construction of new and old kinetic energy conversion

each member of the project team performs his own duties and cooperates well, overcoming many difficulties encountered in work and life. At the same time, the Myanmar project has also received strong support from Weichai manufacturing engineering department and other departments. Liuqingyi and wangyuchun, deputy chief technologists of Weichai, personally went to the Myanmar plant to guide the Myanmar personnel on site

with the support of various forces, up to now, all the phase II projects of the Myanmar plant have been installed and put into operation successfully

output "made in Weichai" and "Weichai spirit"

in order to make "made in Weichai" take root in Myanmar as soon as possible, the project team put forward a unified "program of action": Although we are abroad, we should strictly abide by Weichai's rules and regulations and local laws and customs, keep in mind Weichai's spirit and maintain Weichai's image at all times

the project team has set up a temporary office in the factory, established on-site code of conduct and operation management measures, and moved the desk to the workshop site to ensure that the problems of the day are settled on the same day; Take the initiative to extend working hours, and all holidays shall be implemented in accordance with Myanmar's regulations; Stick to posts during the Spring Festival

for this reason, the young caoshaohua twice postponed the engagement date. Guomingxiang, a new father, heard the first cry of the child's birth at his head...

every afternoon, Weichai's project team in Myanmar held a meeting to discuss and solve the problems of the day

"at the beginning, the staff in Myanmar could not understand the passion and hard work of Weichai people, and even questioned them when they needed their cooperation, or found excuses to shirk."

"brigade leader" Lu Lianzhu recalled the obstacles he had encountered in dealing with the Burmese personnel and expressed a lot of emotion. In his opinion, the process of technology output is not only to teach them the process flow and management skills, but also the subtle influence of Weichai culture and spiritual concepts

Weichai technicians train Myanmar employees on equipment maintenance knowledge

due to the weak industrial foundation, Myanmar workers not only have poor technical ability, but also have weak safety awareness. In the workshop, they do not wear anti smashing shoes, not to mention hard hats, gloves, protective glasses and so on. Many workers are used to wearing slippers to work. In the eyes of Weichai people, this is absolutely intolerable. The project team is determined to help them get rid of these bad habits

with the advancement of work, Weichai staff overcame language, cultural and other barriers, taught Myanmar staff by example and words, and taught them technology. At the same time, they infected them with a rigorous and down-to-earth working attitude and passionate "Weichai spirit". Slowly, they changed from procrastination and carelessness to seriousness, trust and cooperation

the work of Weichai project team has been highly recognized by Myanmar. The relationship between the two sides has also sparked the spark of friendship in the continuous running in, and the promotion of the project is getting better

Weichai's partners were invited to attend the wedding ceremony of Myanmar employees

with the commissioning of the two processing production lines completed, in the next stage of mass production, the project team will also focus on training Myanmar employees' knowledge and methods of equipment maintenance, program optimization, exception handling, and quality management, so as to copy Weichai's mature and effective quality control model to Myanmar and ensure "Weichai quality" in both China and Myanmar, They are all excellent, reliable and durable, and have established the brand reputation of "made in Weichai" in Myanmar

in the production workshop of Tongling jingsai Electronics Co., Ltd.

Weichai technicians adjust the cutting tools. Precise production equipment is a key step to ensure product quality.

Myanmar is an emerging economy along the "the Belt and Road". With the acceleration of its democratic process and economic reform, it will bring unlimited business opportunities. The Myanmar project is the first technology licensing export project of Weichai, which not only drives the export of Weichai engine parts, but also drives relevant powertrain and vehicle products to enter the Myanmar market, making Weichai in a competitive position in the Myanmar market that is more convenient for computer identification

at the same time, with the technical support of Weichai, the Myanmar project will also benefit the local area, significantly improve the local machinery manufacturing capacity, and sow a seed of modern industry in this slightly backward country

from the Pacific to the Mediterranean, from Myanmar to India and Ethiopia... Weichai is cultivating the market and serving our customers on the international road of the "the Belt and Road" with a negative attitude and practical actions

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