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Weizhihai made a special trip to Chengdu trump to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company, guide the team in-depth investigation and arrangement, and effectively change the work style, And respond to and implement the opinions of the masses, and do a good job in production and operation in the last two months of this year and 2014

from October 28 to 29, 2013, weizhihai, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, made a special trip to Chengdu trump card to conduct special research on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the company, guiding the team to conduct in-depth investigation, effectively change the work style, responding to and implementing the opinions of the masses, doing a good job in the production and operation work in the last two months of this year and 2014, and making arrangements and putting forward specific requirements

I. Chengdu ace should focus on its development in accordance with the overall vision of "building a century old enterprise and creating a world ace", and make strategic planning in accordance with the overall requirements of the group company. In december2013, the final draft of the enterprise strategic plan was completed. We should strengthen the construction, publicity and protection of the company's brand, and build the trump brand into a well-known automobile brand in the market. It is necessary to closely combine the long-term goals with the immediate work, promote all work in a solid and orderly manner, and realize the long-term development of the company

II. For this reason, the provincial government will issue the implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of new material industry in Shandong Province. To maintain the sustained and rapid development of sales business, according to the strategic concept of network first and service first, strengthen the construction of distribution and service networks, so as to extend the class a market network to towns and cities, and the class B market to counties and districts in 2015. We should constantly innovate the sales model, continue to strengthen the training, and do a good job in the molding training of marketing personnel. In 2014, we will build a marketing network with an annual sales of 60000 vehicles and achieve the sales target of 50000 vehicles

III. insist on promoting the work in the later stage of "012" project construction, and ensure that the products of "012" project are offline in December. Make product planning and market analysis; Ensure the quality of "012" products, strictly verify and release products, establish a perfect product release process, and ensure that "012" products are launched at the first shot; In accordance with the requirements of independently building the marketing system, we will do a good job in the construction of the marketing network to ensure that the batch sales orders will be accepted in November 2014

IV. carefully make the overall planning and arrangement of the special vehicle business, further sort out the products, improve the process, strengthen the internal management, and realize the rapid and unique development of the special vehicle business according to the planning and arrangement of increasing the scale, strengthening the team, improving the level and seeking profits

v. comprehensively improve the quality work level, comprehensively implement excellent performance management, and actively apply for provincial and municipal quality awards. With high standards and strict control, the product consistency level of the company has been greatly improved, and the image of components for installing load sensors on beams and clamping test pieces has also been maintained in the market of SINOTRUK trump

it is impossible for the vertical experiment to do this.) at the same time, it is necessary to carry out more in-depth quality and benefit improvement activities, do a better job in financial work, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and strive for financial support from the government to the greatest extent to effectively support the production and operation of the company. It is necessary to introduce the excellent performance management mode into the trump card of SINOTRUK, take the excellent performance management as the overall starting point, take the declaration of provincial and municipal quality awards as the starting point, comprehensively improve the management level, and strive to create a unique management mode of SINOTRUK trump card

weizhihai requires that all members of the Party committee and the board of directors should set a good example at the critical moment when the party's mass line education practice is in the second stage, set an example, practically change the style, continuously improve the work quality, explore and innovate, lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the trump card of heavy truck, and strive to achieve the overall goal of "building a century old enterprise and creating a world trump card"

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