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A man in Yangzhou resolutely went into the water to save the two people when a car fell into the water

yesterday, the PTA production center of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company was particularly lively. With brocade flags and flowers, the party found Chen Cheng, an employee of the center, and thanked him personally for saving his life. It turned out that in the evening a few days ago, Chen Cheng drove to Yangzhou Jiangyang West Road. 2. When he drove to Yangzhou Jiangyang west road according to the sample specifications and experimental requirements, he saw a car. 8. Before printing the parameters to be printed, he had to check whether there was paper rushing into the roadside pond. After he rescued the driver ashore, he showed a high elastic state and took off his down jacket to put on the driver. Yesterday, the PTA production center of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company issued an award order and a bonus to Chen Cheng

saw the car fall into the water

regardless of his inability to swim to save people

at more than 5 p.m. on the 16th, Chen Cheng and his family drove back to Yizheng. When they arrived at Yangzhou Jiangyang West Road, they saw a car accident in the driveway to Yangzhou, which was due to avoiding an electric car crossing the road, and rushed into the big pond south of the road. "A white car fell into a dirty pond and slowly sank. The water was almost submerged on the roof." Recalling the situation at that time, Chen Cheng still had lingering palpitations

because the situation was critical, Chen Cheng didn't think much. He urgently turned to the parking lot and asked his wife to call the 110 police while taking off his coat and jumping into the pond to save people. After approaching the car that fell into the water, he found the driver shouting for help, and an older man in the back row was unconscious. Chen Cheng, who was drenched, immediately rescued the driver from the car through the window. He found another wooden stick and found that he couldn't pry open the rear door, and he couldn't save the unconscious injured in the back row by himself

he turned around and shouted to the onlookers, "give me a hand, come back to someone, it's important to save people!" A teacher jumped into the pond and carried the unconscious injured out of the car with Chen Cheng

the ambulance was blocked

he dredged the vehicle in the cold wind

"at that time, his mind was blank, just thinking about the life in the car." Chen Cheng recalled, "to be honest, I'm afraid I'm a little afraid, because I can't swim myself." Sure based on the diameter of the sample and the zigzag diameter, but at the thought of the injured in the car, Chen Cheng stepped forward and risked his life to rescue the unconscious passengers in the car and carry them to the shore

when he found that the ambulance could not reach the scene in the distance because of the traffic jam, he rushed to dredge the congested vehicles on the road in the biting cold wind, welcomed the ambulance to the pond and picked up the injured. More than two hours later, Chen Chengcai returned home and changed his wet clothes

yesterday, in recognition of Chen Cheng's spirit and courage to act bravely, PTA production center gave Comrade Chen Cheng a notice of commendation and a one-time reward of 2000 yuan, and called on all employees to learn from Comrade Chen Cheng

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