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Men's bar froth at the mouth when unplugging the charging line and died (picture)

the incident happened

Chutian Metropolis Daily News, April 19 (Xu Cambridge, song pillow Tao) until today, Xiong Feng has never figured out that his 18-year-old brother Xiong Xuan, just charged his computer for a while, how could he give his life because of an electric shock? The answer is obviously the former. My brother works in Huangpi panlongcheng garment factory and is familiar with this bar, but from 1 to 20n (3) 00kn, he entered this bar on the evening of the 5th, and everything changed

Xiong Feng clearly remembers that his younger brother Xiong Xuan finally took flight 170. He said that at about 6 p.m. on the 15th, after his brother got off the morning shift in the clothing factory, he entered the factory, which is only one step away from the factory dormitory. Then take another double number of samples from the same batch for the re inspection of the unqualified item. At the beginning, my brother sat in the front seat and surfed the Internet for your reference! The electronic universal testing machine produced by StarTech mainly includes floor type electronic universal testing machine, single arm electronic universal testing machine, double arm electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled high temperature universal testing machine and other types. At about 8:30 in the morning, my brother thought that the machine was a little slow, so he changed to 170 machine

"his seat is only one position away from mine." Xiong Feng said that shortly after his brother arrived, he and his brother's colleagues and friends also left the bar to surf the Internet. The computer in the bar uses an all-in-one machine with a USB charging socket below. My brother will plug the data cable into the socket to charge. At the mercy of 10:30 that night, my brother wanted to go out for a late night snack, so he went to unplug the data line. It happened at this time

"when he unplugged the first time, he felt infected and electrocuted. He shouted, and then seemed to touch it again, and his foot touched the steel pipe under the computer desk." Xiong Feng recalled that his brother foamed at the mouth at that time. My body straightened, and I took two deep breaths after I fainted. He shouted "something happened to my brother", but he didn't respond. Later, he quickly dialed his cousin's phone number

Xiong Xuan's cousin, Mr. Liu, was in the clothing factory at that time, very close to it. He introduced that when he immediately drove to the hospital, several of his companions had carried Xiong Xuan out. Xiong Xuan had a weak pulse in the car. It took only five minutes to manipulate them to the panlongcheng people's hospital. The doctor rescued them for about 20 minutes, and finally declared their demise

Xiong Xuan's uncle, Mr. Chen, told the teacher that in the past few days, under the mediation of the local police station and the judicial station, they had stopped many consultations with the bar, but they had not reached a difference yet. He thought that his nephew was in bar and should bear the misfortune

according to the death medical certificate (inference) issued by the hospital, Xiong Xuan's direct notice was electric injury. According to the police statement issued by the police station of panlongcheng Economic Development Zone to the family members, Xiong Xuan had an electric shock in the Internet stand, and was sent to hospital for rescue. He died effectively. After on-site investigation, inquiry and visit, and forensic autopsy, the case can be dismissed

then he left the window yelan bar involved, whose front and back doors had been sealed by the police station, and the bar had been closed. The relevant legal style was not found at the scene. Because the family members also said that they had no legal style, they were unable to contact each other

the relevant person in charge of Huangpi police introduced that at present, the initial method of checking the death notice of Xiong Xuan was the death of electric shock caused by electric shock, and the public security, judicial and other departments have participated in the mediation

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