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On May 3, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Forest Public Security Bureau of Tunchang County, Hainan province brought out and successfully cracked a case of illegal acquisition of deforested trees by investigating and dealing with cases of deforestation and illegal transportation of deforested trees

recently, the criminal investigation team of the Bureau found that the case was also suspected of involving another illegal acquisition of deforested trees in the case of Hong mouwei (who has been sentenced) who indiscriminately felled the Mangan Acacia forest with the funds of the state-owned Chenxing agriculture in Tunchang County from team 13 of the national investment field. After investigation, driven by economic interests, Su mouhua (male, 49 years old, from Longshan County, Hunan), the person in charge of the acquisition of the slicing plant of Mingchang Forestry Co., Ltd. in Xichang Town, Tunchang County, still purchased a series of controllable vibration imitation wood in the experiment for many times, knowing that the wood sold by the suspect Hong mouwei had no legal source certificate. After identification, The amplitude race of the original tree illegally purchased by Su mouhua is Acacia mangium, with a net weight of 80.05 tons and a converted log volume of 61.5 cubic meters. On May 3, suspect Su mouhua was arrested by the police handling the case. After trial, Su mouhua, the suspect of the crime of longer service life, confessed to the criminal fact of illegally purchasing trees

at present, suspect Su mouhua has been under criminal detention, and the case is being further handled

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