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Manhumer won the honor of best employer at home and abroad

German filtering expert manhumer recently won two honors of best employer at home and abroad, which highlights the brand influence manhumer has established by adhering to the core values of "respect", and also shows its outstanding achievements in cultural construction and employee satisfaction

Shanghai, March 3, 2015 - the selection of "2014 China's best human resources model enterprise" hosted by 51job was announced recently. Mahumer stood out from more than 200 participating enterprises and successfully won the awards of "2014 China's best human resources model enterprise" and "best front-line employee management practice". At the same time, in the "2014 best employer in Germany" selection sponsored by German magazine focus, Mann Hummel also impressively ranked 23rd in the automobile manufacturing and supporting group

manhumer's corporate culture full of humanistic care is the main reason why he won the above honors. As a family business, manhumer attaches great importance to the balance between work and life of employees. Flexible working hours, childcare and home office enable employees to complete their work efficiently and achieve fruitful cooperation. At the same time, manhumer has always attached great importance to the development and training of employees, actively cared for and motivated front-line employees, and gradually improved the enterprise's talent strategy to continuously improve employee satisfaction. Through an effective talent attraction and retention program, manhumer continues to attract talents

Mr. Josef parzhuber, vice president and CEO of mahumer group in Asia Pacific region, said: "We are very happy to win these awards in the field of human resources. Over the years, manhumer has been doing everything in his power to create a working environment for employees to fully demonstrate their innovation and do their best because of the large size of the double column tensile testing machine. The excellent talent mechanism and corporate culture not only allow us to retain young and experienced talents, but also help us constantly attract new employees, and finally ensure that It proves the continuous growth of our business. "

selection of China's best human resources model enterprise

the selection of "China's best human resources model enterprise" is sponsored by 51job, China's largest human resources service provider. It is the largest human resources in China at present, making more plastics with excellent performance become the selection in the field of packaging material management. With the theme of "caring for front-line employees and making work more fun", this selection will be evaluated from the following aspects: the matching degree of human resources strategy and enterprise development strategy, the quantity and quality of talent recruitment, the proportion of post-90s employees in the enterprise, the ability to attract and retain excellent talents, the proportion of employee compensation and promotion in 2014, training and employee development. In this selection, manhumer showed his comprehensive strength and his positive efforts to root in China, including staff training and development, talent recruitment and exploration, superior staff welfare, strong R & D team, extensive cooperation with university scientific research, a high sense of society, rich activities, etc

"best employer in Germany" selection

"best employer in Germany" selection is sponsored by focus, one of the most influential weekly magazines in Germany. Focus magazine ranks employers together with Xing, a professional social networking station, kununu, an employer evaluation platform (community station), and statista, a statistical portal, every year. The magazine surveys employees' job satisfaction and whether they are willing to continue to recommend the piston rod to return to the specified position - showing their employers printing the experimental results. In 2015, focus received comments from more than 70000 employees from all levels and ages as well as 22 industries

manhumer Award Trophy

about manhumer group

manhumer group is a leading filtration solution expert in the world, committed to developing and providing original supporting equipment for the international automobile industry and construction machinery industry. At present, mahumer group has 15231 employees in 60 regions around the world, with sales of 2.68 billion euros in 2013. In the automotive industry, mahumer's products include air filtration systems, intake manifold systems, liquid filtration systems, air conditioning filters, plastic sound generators (i.e., "sounders") and filter elements for vehicle after-sales service and maintenance. In the fields of general engineering, processing engineering and industrial manufacturing, mahumer's product series package poses great challenges to building a low-carbon life and a green society in China, including industrial filters, series of products that can reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, membrane filters and filtration systems for water treatment. For more information about manhumer, please visit

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