The hottest man in Xuzhou was detained and beaten

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A man in Xuzhou failed to pay the usury and was detained and beaten by three people

Li, from Yizhuang Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou, borrowed more than 5000 yuan from the usury company and failed to repay it as scheduled, resulting in more than 90000 yuan of liquidated damages. Li went to Jinan to interview the head of the usury company and was detained and beaten. Li lied that the demolition funds of his hometown had been allocated, and he cheated the three people who detained him into the police station courtyard. At present, Qiao and other three people suspected of illegal detention have been criminally detained by Tongshan police

borrowed more than 5000, resulting in more than 90000 liquidated damages

Li is a small package foreman. Last August, he contracted a project at a construction site in Jinan. But on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, the project funds have not yet come down. Li said that the worker was waiting to take the money home for the holiday, so he wanted to borrow money from the loan company first

it happened that Li saw a loan information released by Qiao in his circle of friends. Li contacted Qiao through the information and borrowed 5400 yuan. The two sides agreed to pay off the loan in a month, plus interest, a total of 10000 yuan. Li wrote an IOU of 10000 yuan to Qiao's loan company. The debit note also states that if there is a breach of contract, the penalty for one day is 1000 or the time when two specimens produce brittle fracture in the weld or heat affected zone. The repayment date of one month was fleeting, and Li's project payment had not been received, and he could not borrow the money to repay, so he postponed it for a period of time. After Li tried to pay back thousands of yuan, he could no longer pay back. Qiao and others automatically printed the experimental report and contacted Li many times, and told him that if he failed to return it within the time limit, he would charge 1000 yuan of liquidated damages every day. The longer Li delayed, the more liquidated damages

on January 16, 2016, Li got part of the project funds. Thinking of discussing the repayment with Qiao in person, he went to Jinan to meet Qiao. "This is the capital and interest. I can't afford to pay more. Can I avoid the liquidated damages?" Li gave more than 10000 yuan to Qiao. However, after taking the money, Qiao said that Li owed a total of more than 90000 yuan of liquidated damages, which can't be less. He took Li back to the company and asked two employees to teach Li a lesson so that Li could borrow money from others and repay liquidated damages

two employees of Qiao punched and kicked Li and shocked Li with electric sticks. In the evening, Li was detained in Qiao's office, and the two employees looked at him as the price rose again and again. The next day, Qiao continued to ask Li to borrow money. Li played around and didn't borrow any money. Qiao asked the two employees to continue beating Li. Qiao told Li that he was so powerful in Jinan that no one dared to interfere with Li's death

the three people suspected of detaining Li were arrested

"now I shiver at the electric baton." Li said that he could not help being beaten and did not dare to call the police. He was worried that Qiao's statement was true and it was useless to call the police locally, so he thought about finding a way to return to Xuzhou first. He secretly beat a relative of his family while the two of his guards slept. He told the relative the cause and effect, and asked the relatives to cooperate to rescue him. Li said that during his stay, he pretended to borrow money from the relative, but the relative would tell him that the demolition money at home had been allocated to the village committee and let him get it in person. If Qiao and others verify, the relative will tell them the amount and other fabricated specific information

on the morning of the third day of Li's detention, he pretended to borrow money from relatives who had called the previous night under the surveillance of Qiao and others. According to Li's words, the relatives said it again in the. Li pretended to be very excited and told Qiao about the demolition payment. Qiao took it over and verified the information with Li's relatives. Qiao believed the relative's statement and decided to drive Li to Tongshan Yizhuang Village Committee where Li was located to receive money

after arriving at the village committee of Li in Yizhuang Town, Li's relatives have been waiting there for a long time "Take the Industrial Park as an important carrier of industrial development. Li's relatives said that they were late. The village party secretary went to the town government for a meeting and asked them to come back tomorrow. Qiao was a little anxious. Seeing this, Li's relatives told Li that they could go to the town government to find the village party secretary, pick up the village party secretary, sign and stamp it.

Qiao and other three people drove Li to the Yizhuang Town government compound. Li told Qiao A, he was rich and wanted to settle the account. He couldn't run away. He asked Qiao and others to wait in the car. He went to the town government to find the village secretary. But what surprised Qiao and other three people was that the police station of Yizhuang Town was also in the courtyard of the town government. Li went straight to the police station to call the police. After hearing this, the police of Yizhuang police station closed the door and quickly controlled Qiao and other three people in the car. The police handling the case at Yizhuang police station said that Qiao and other three people had been criminally detained by Tongshan District Public Security Bureau on suspicion of illegal detention, and the case was still under further investigation

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