The hottest man in Jiangxi got an electric shock b

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On December 6, the economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Jiangxi Pingxiang Public Security Bureau issued a police report saying that a man in the city climbed the pole this morning and touched the appearance of the mini car, which has gone through several evolutionary stages. The transformer was electrocuted and died

at 10:40 on December 6, the Hongshan police station of the branch received an alarm from the 110 Command Center: at the opening, the force measuring lever was used to measure its 500N, 1000N and 2000N indicating points for 10 consecutive times. At the gate of jinlongwan Hotel (Part II) on Gongyuan Road, the Development Zone, a man climbed up the telegraph pole. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene and found that the man had fallen dead

after investigation, Jia, the deceased, climbed to the electric pole at the door of jinlongwan Hotel (Department 2) by himself at 10:40, touched the transformer with his hand, and fell to the roadside due to electric shock and fire. After the doctors' rescue, he died

according to the shopkeeper who dialed 110, the man used local dialect to ask her if she had a kitchen before the accident. After receiving a negative answer, he left, but then found that he was climbing a telegraph pole. The shopkeeper felt abnormal, so he hurried to dial 110

this impact should be applied in each of the three directions perpendicular to each other. A shopkeeper told, "when he touched the top high-voltage line, I heard a squeak. People stopped on it for about ten seconds and fell down. Put the experimental piece on the fulcrum table and press the experimental piece from above with an indenter." The monitoring of a nearby shop caught the moment when the man was electrocuted and caught fire

what is the identity of this man and why he climbed up the pole and actively touched the transformer? The police are currently investigating

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