Asahi Kasei launched the world's first new acrylon

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Asahi launched the world's first new acrylonitrile preparation method

it is reported that Asahi launched the world's first self propane manufacturing AC. we know how difficult it is to produce n (acrylonitrile)

the use and preparation method of this new surface hardening technology process is different from the current mainstream process of manufacturing ACN from propylene. It is mainly dehydrogenation from propane to produce ACN through propylene. Therefore, it can be produced from natural gas and propane (at a relatively favorable cost). Therefore, unalloyed high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel, etc. must be controlled by the source of propylene. Asahi chemical has completed the research on the improvement of the new catalyst and the process, and the equipment of the new process test workshop has passed the test. In the future, the development focus will be on the commercial equipment test and improving the process efficiency and catalyst selectivity. The company plans to add relevant operating equipment to the East West Petrochemical Company, a South Korean subsidiary, in the spring of 2003

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