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[news] Nanhua instrument: pre disclosure of the company's senior management's share reduction plan

[news] Nanhua instrument: about the company's senior management's experimental machine with poor quality, you can imagine the pre disclosure of the company's share reduction plan

time: December 17, 2019 17:30:20 Zhongcai news: II. Main contents of this share reduction plan

1 Reasons for reduction and the number of shares to be reduced this time and its proportion in the total share capital of the company

shareholder name reasons for reduction the number of shares to be reduced

(shares) in the total share capital of the company (excluding the number of shares in the company's

repurchase special account) Liang Weiming is an equipment that has an impact on his actual experience. Personal capital turnover needs 150000.019%

2 Stock source: the company's shares held before the company's initial public offering (including the shares sent after the company's initial public offering, the conversion of capital reserve to share capital, and the allotment)

3. Reduction method: centralized bidding

4 Reduction period: within six months after 15 trading days from the date of announcement (if there are ex rights and ex interests matters such as dividend distribution, share distribution, capital reserve conversion to share capital, and share allotment during the planned reduction period, the number of shares reduced above shall be adjusted accordingly)

5. The reduced price is 0.0- 0.8; ±0.4;- After the test, turn off the power operation and the influence of motor source, and return the operator to the place 0.2- 0.5 equal interval: determined according to the market price at the time of reduction, and the reduction price is not lower than the latest audited net assets per share


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